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Friday, 30 May 2014

What's $5? A Little History!

Ron had a special duty to do today.  It was treaty day and it was part of his responsibility to shake everyone's hand and give them $5.00.
So the question...why would everyone come out on a cloudy day and line up to shake hands with an Indian Affairs Representative, the chief and an RCMP officer just to receive $5.00?
I  tried to do a little research on the reason behind this day.  It is a yearly ritual that has been taking place for generations.  Treaty Day is a symbolic recognition of the more than 130-year relationship between the Crown and Canada’s First Nations.  Treaty Day expresses a commitment between the government and First Nations to reconnect.
When the original treaties were made, a yearly payment of $5 was part of a package that included things such as fishing tackle, hunting supplies and other material useful for traditional life. Five bucks went a lot further 130 years ago, and nowadays not everyone goes every year to collect their treaty money. The government gives back-payments for years that were missed.
The children may not understand the significance of the day but it is made special by bouncy toys, gifts and a barbeque.  The adults shake hands and receive the $5.00 and reflect the meaning behind the handshake. 

I was thankful to be able to be there for this special day and it was another one of those moments that makes these two years interesting and memorable.

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Catherine said...

This is interesting Penny! Now hopefully no one had to drive to get their $5. They would have used more than that in gas!!
xo Catherine