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Friday, 9 May 2014

Fridays (April 25th and today)

Two weeks ago our time in Ontario was still going strong.  We decided it was the day to visit so off we went to Stirling where I had worked before moving out west.  We stopped at the new school and were given a tour by a good friend Barry who is the school custodian.  The school had changed so much.  When I was there it was a grade 6-8 school which had been torn down and the new school housed JK-Grade 8.  From there we travelled to Frankford where we had lived for almost 10 years.  We stopped to visit a dear friend, Winnie.  We enjoyed chatting, catching up and looking at pictures.  We didn't know that a week and half later Winnie would lose her husband, Keith.

From there we drove south and decided we needed to find some curd, which is an Ontario cheese treat.  On the way a crazy driver was trying to almost run us off the road.  He finally pulled ahead and then off to the side of the road.  Ron cautiously drove past only to have a familiar smiling face greet us.  It was Spencer!
Spencer and Stephen were friends from the time that we moved to Swift Current.  He was a regular at our house and we were so excited to see him.  It was almost like seeing one of our own kids.  After hugs and a little chat on the road we went on our way smiling and glad that he had spotted us.
From there I began texting Ruth, a friend from when we lived in Sharbot Lake (which was before we lived in Frankford).  Her and her husband, Jim were in Kingston and so off we went to Kingston.  Jim was playing for his dinner.....well, kind of.  He was playing at the Seniors Residence where Ruth's mom now lives.
We enjoyed the evening with them over dinner.

Jim and Ruth have been great friends over the years.  Jim and Ron use to play in a bluegrass band called "Country Church" when we were pastoring in Sharbot Lake.  It was really nice to have some time together again.
And today....
Ron was off today and we went for two walks.  Ron even got his shorts out today since it was so warm.  I cleaned out some drawers for when the girls come to visit and did some baking since we decided to have a barbeque for the members.
It is the first time that I had made ginger cookies and I am pretty sure it won't be the last....pretty tasty, even if I say so myself.

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