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Friday, 31 January 2014

Goodbye to January

January has been full of snow and cold but at least we were able to get outside to enjoy the winter weather.  This past week we took our skis into Flin Flon to go through the trails at the ski club.
It was brisk and cold and we decided to take the valley trail and after one lap I took a break and left Ron to take the second lap himself.

As we were leaving Flin Flon the sun was setting and giving us some beautiful skies for our ride home.

So as the sun sets on January we look forward to new adventures in February....16 days until the sunny south.

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Think Warm Thoughts

It's another snowy day.  It kind of looks like we are living in a snow globe. 
Cooler air is moving in again.

It's time to think warm thoughts. 
I made it through the week with Ron being gone and now he's back home and I'm so happy about that!
Isn't that a warm and fuzzy thought?
My plant is blooming.
Isn't that a promise that spring will come again?
Hot, homemade lasagna for supper.
A little something to warm the tummy.
Warm thoughts are headed your way too.

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

The View From My Window

Today has been a totally inside day.  It is really cold and I have no reason to go outside. 

So from my kitchen window I look at the beautiful snow covered trees and the sun shining brightly.  Notice the 4 foot fence....that would be about 3 feet of snow (91 cm). 

Being stuck inside on a cold day is not so bad.  I've had a pretty busy day socializing.  I had phone calls, texts, Skype conversation, facebook and email notes.  Technology can really help when you are stuck inside. 

And when I do go outside (on another day) I have my new skis waiting for me.

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Home Alone

Nope, never liked being home alone.  My mom used to always enjoy the week that dad went hunting.  She figured it was girls' time.  We would go shopping (skip school to do that).  We would not make full meals and mom usually found time to visit with her sisters.

As for me.....hate, hate, hate being alone.  When Ron goes on training courses I make sure I have a full list of things to keep me busy and count down the time when he will be home.  So I have my list going:
  • laundry (there is always some of that)
  • clean the house (I'm not sure why, but dust is always here to keep me company)
  • exercise (elliptical, treadmill, Aerobics, Wii Zumba and Just Dance IV and of course the weighted hula hoop)
  • school work (started Training and Development)
  • contract work (lots of reading)
  • knitting while watching movies (Both Sound of Music movies previously recorded)
  • catch up with friends (maybe even a Skype date with Catherine....tea will be ready)
  • check up on my family (parents, children, grandchildren)
  • reading (just for fun)
  • scrapbooking (I need to get a circle journal done and sent)
  • game of Settlers of Catan (with real people but wish it was with Stephen & Rachael)
Well that should get me through a couple of days. 

Tuesday, 14 January 2014


But first a little history about the RCMP:
Early role, 1874-1905
  • general law enforcement detachments were established throughout the prairies and a patrol system instituted in order to police effectively the entire region
  • established friendly relations with the First Nations, contained the whisky trade and enforced prohibition, supervised treaties between First Nations and the federal government
  • assisted the settlement process by ensuring the welfare of immigrants, fighting prairie fires, disease and destitution
Expansion and Reorganization, 1895-1920
  • Mounted Police jurisdiction extended to the Yukon in 1895 and to the Arctic coast in 1903
  • Royal Northwest Mounted Police (RNWMP) contracted to police the new provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan in 1905
  • Mounted Police responsibilities extended to northern Manitoba in 1912
  • in 1920, federal policing is reorganized, the RNWMP absorb the Dominion Police and become the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP); responsibility for federal law enforcement extended to all provinces and territories
Development of the RCMP, 1920-1994
  • detachments established in the eastern and high Arctic in the 1920s to protect Canadian sovereignty in the region
  • provincial policing responsibilities assumed in Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, 1932
Information taken from:

The RCMP have many responsibilities and are stationed all over Canada.  I often think about what it would been like back in the early days being posted in a remote area where it could take months to get a letter in and out to your family.  Although back then many members were single men who did the remote destinations. 

I sometimes feel a little isolated but am so thankful for the modern times where I can be in touch through emails and phone calls from my family and friends.  I enjoy going on Facebook and seeing what other people are doing.  I can work and study from home due to the internet.  It really makes an isolated post much easier.  And mail may take a little longer but look what I received in the mail:

Homemade warm socks to keep my feet extra warm, a yummy smelling candle and of course all the information that I will ever need to know about Saskatchewan like:
  • Saskatchewan is the driest province in Canada and dry cold is different (people, cold is cold).
  • In 1914 Saskatchewan tried Daylight Savings Time and abandoned it weeks later (good choice!)
  • You can tell people from Saskatchewan.  When the wind stops blowing, they fall over. (I can relate.)
  • If you have more hours on your snow blower than kilometres on your truck odometer, you live in Saskatchewan.  (So true!)
  • And that my favourite Leaf Player is from Saskatchewan ...Wendel Clark.  (And it is about more than just his last name)
Isolated?  Maybe, but not really so far from everyone....only a phone call, email or stamp away.

Thursday, 9 January 2014

It's a Good Day!

I feel very proud of myself.  Since we moved to our new posting in June I have hardly gone out of the house without Ron unless it is to shovel in the winter or to the backyard in the summer to read.

But today ...  I did it!  I only had to go a few minutes into the village to the clinic but I did it.  If you are reading this and know nothing about where we live you will think I have major problems but the fact is that I did it.  I must admit I had a little anxiety but all I can say is I did it!

I feel like a big girl!  It's a good day.

The weather has warmed up quite a bit.  To some it would seem cold but it almost feels like spring out there today.  So that means it's a good day!
Light snow
Light snow

Feels like -12
That's kind of springy....compared to -46.

I just got a call from work and they gave me a project to fill lots of my hours.  It's a good day!

I just checked my marks for my last two courses:

Certificate/Diploma & Advanced Course work
CRNSubjectCourseSectionCourse TitleCampusFinal GradeAttemptedEarned
GPA Hours
Quality Points
965ACCT122E39Intro Financial Accounting 1Palliser95
1324HR230E39Recruitment and SelectionPalliser85

Certificate/Diploma & Advanced Summary
 AttemptedEarnedGPA HoursQuality PointsGPA
Current Term:
That makes it a pretty good day!

And....only 5 weeks until a warm holiday....Now that is going to be a great day!

Sunday, 5 January 2014


Do you ever get the blahs?  January usually does it for me.  The Christmas decorations help to brighten the house in December but then they come down and I get a bad case of the blahs.  The days are short and cabin fever sets in.  Usually the cure is to get outside but....
Now, that could give anybody the blahs.  But I layered up for a quick trip outside to check and see how much snow we have.

19 inches or 48 cm of snow.  However you measure it that is a lot of snow.  While I was outside for the few minutes and before I got frost bite I took pictures of things I will look forward to.

My swing covered high with snow.  The barbeque waiting for spring.

Our poor canoe hiding under the snow waiting for the summer days.
Winter is pretty but I will wish on my wishing well for a warmer day even if is in the Caribbean (count down in on).

Friday, 3 January 2014

Happy New Year!

2013 has slipped away. 
It was definitely an interesting year. 

We went to Ontario twice to spend time with family and see our niece get married.  We celebrated our 30th anniversary by going on an Alaskan cruise.  We moved 8 hours north.  We went to the Yukon to see our son.  I completed 3 more courses towards my college certificate (never too old).  We said goodbye to good friends and made new ones along the way.  I became a blogger.

2014 came in with a bang....and I do mean a bang.  Lots of fireworks at the midnight hour.  The decorations came down today.  The last of the turkey soup is gone.  My house is back to normal. 

What will this year bring? 
(I see a cruise in the near future.)
I guess you will just have to follow my blog to find out.

Happy New Year!