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Wednesday, 27 April 2016

7 Years Later

Seven years ago today we celebrated Ron's graduation and I was happy to have my husband back after 6 very long months of training.

In some ways it seems like not that long ago and in other ways it has seemed like forever.  Lots of changes since then.  We first moved to Swift Current where we enjoyed 4 years there.  I had a great job.  We went to a wonderful church and made lots of special friends.

When we left there we went on a real adventure and spent the next two years in Deschambault Lake.  It was an experience that we are both thankful that we had.  Ron worked with a great bunch of guys that became like family to us.  We spent many dinners together.  All the special occasions were hosted at our house.  Catan was the game to play.
We also got back into cross country skiing and canoeing on Ron's days off.
The two years went by and it was time for another posting and here we are in Three Hills.  Again, Ron has a good bunch to work with and we have made some wonderful friends here already.
We have taken our annual cruises and enjoyed lots of new places to explore through the mountains.
Seven years...
  • 3 postings
  • lots of trips to Ontario
  • motorcycle trips to the mountains
  • canoe trips/cross country skiing in northern Saskatchewan
  • cruises
  • new friends
  • living closer to our son
  • 4 grandchildren
Still waiting for # 5....just in case you are wondering.

Happy Anniversary Troop 35! 
Now just to get through the next 7 years or so and hello retirement!

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Upper Kananaskis Lake Trail

Ron's days off arrived and once again we made the most of it.  On Tuesday, we took the motorcycle to Red Deer to get a new tire and when you have new rubber you just have to put it to work.  We drove west so that we could see the mountains and then took different roads south to get back home.  It was a beautiful warm day and the first time out on the bike that we didn't have to wear all of our motorcycle gear to keep warm. 

Yesterday was our hiking day and we left around 9:30 to drive towards the mountains.  The roads were pretty quiet but you still had to keep your eye open because you never know what might just be around the next corner.

I had picked a hike to try but there were a couple of difficulties when we got there.  The first one was that we couldn't find the trail head right away but we did do a little walk around and the views did not disappoint us.

Once we figured out the right path it was getting almost too late for that trail and plus there was quite a bit of snow still on the path.  We decided to drive down the road.  It was a beautiful warm day and we found another area that looked like a good place to walk.
It's nice to travel around this area before the tourists all move in and crowd the hiking trails.  The path started out through the woods with a little incline.  There was still some snow in some areas but not bad.
Not too far into our hike we came across this sign. This was just off the path that we were walking on.  I was hoping that the bears realized that we were walking on the right path and they were staying on their side.  We did stop and buy bear spray for our hikes and I really, really, really hope we never have to see how it works.
Picture is a little blurry....perhaps I was rushing a bit to take the picture before a bear could photo bomb it!
Gradually we hiked up the hill.  At one point the forest stopped and all around us was rock.  It reminded me a lot of Franks Slide where a whole town had been wiped away.  It made me a little uncomfortable.

But we stopped in the area anyway and had our lunch.  The rocks maybe were a little dangerous looking but at least we could see bears if they were coming at us.
It was interesting to us that even though the rock was everywhere a path had been created to help us find our way back.
This is as close as I am getting to rock climbing!
Ron had created an imaginary walking stick for his walk down our rock path.  He's so creative.  As we carefully picked our way back down the rocks and into the path through the woods we heard a rumbling sound.  We both stopped and first thought that it was a plane going over.  As the rumble continued we realized that it was a avalanche on the mountain across from us.  We could see some snow tumbling down the slope.  It was an interesting experience to hear and see a small avalanche but I sure would never want to experience it.
 There are so many hikes and trails to explore.  We love this area.  It is going to be a fun summer whether we are hiking, biking or canoeing.

Today we are taking it a lot easier.  Ron is out washing up the truck and bike.  I'm of course working on my blog and thinking perhaps a walk might be in my plans for later.

UPDATE:  Still no baby news and the baby afghan has made it as far as Winnipeg.

Monday, 18 April 2016

Knitting Up a Storm

Way, way back in BC time....which is Before Children in this case, I worked at a place where everyone was either knitting or learning to knit.  It was a good time for me to pick up a new hobby.  Since there was just the two of us at home I had lots of time to knit and I knit sweaters for lots of people.  Then kids happened and my knitting got set aside in order to find time to take them to the park or the beach.  I preferred putting my needles down to play with Jennie and Stephen.

Now that I am at a new stage of my life knitting took over again.  When we moved to Deschambault Lake I became a faithful customer to the online shopping of Mary Maxim.  So many colours and types of yarn to choose from that I even bought a shelving unit just for my yarn.
I knit dozens of baby afghans while in DL and I sent them across Canada to lots of precious little babies.  My afghans have landed in Nova Scotia, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia.  I even left one in the Yukon.  Sometimes I get pictures of my blankets with the little precious baby that I made it for.
Isaiah Rising (Charlene & Nick Rising in British Columbia)

Morgan Drinnan (Parents Rachel and Dean Drinnan in Saskatchewan)

New Baby Boy (The Dad works with our son)

The Dad went through classes with our son.

Mae McKenzie (daughter of Spencer who was Stephen's best buddy in school)
Lots of different afghans and so many precious babies but this one has to the best:
Our Beautiful Granddaughter, Abby (who is now 2!)
I've even made lap blankets and full size afghans.  It's what I do when I sit down to watch tv.
Full size blankets sent to Vancouver Island

My sister enjoying her warm afghan on a cool day.

Made for me!

Specially made for my mom.

My regular afghan that I use while watching tv and knitting more blankets.
 I always have one on the go...sometimes by order but most of the time just in case I hear that someone might be having a baby.

I have one ready to go in the mail.  It's a special one!  It's for the newest addition to our family and I'm wondering if the blanket will arrive before he does.

So here it goes....will it or will it not arrive before Baby Boy arrives.
I'm guessing that the baby will come first because Jenn always goes early and Canada Post always arrives late.  Either way this blanket was knit together with love for a new little new addition to our family.

For you created my inmost being;
    you knit me together in my mother’s womb.
-Psalm 139:13

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Johnston Canyon & Ink Pots

On Ron's days off we like to explore and we decided to try a hike to Johnston Canyon.  "They" say that it is an easy hike.  I'm not sure who "they" are but off we went to attempt it.  The trail head started about 20 km west of Banff.  It was a bit cool as we started but that usually is pretty good when you are hiking.  You are bound to heat up.

We decided that we would plan to at least get to the Upper Falls and then see how we feel at that point.  It was a good time to try this trail as it is known as one of the busiest in the Rockies.  The start of the trail began over a creek with water flowing through ice.

The trail leads through the forest on sturdy catwalks overhanging canyon walls.  It's really quite a unique trail and it leads to some quite spectacular views of falls.
The hike to the Upper Falls was 2.7 km with an elevation of 1565 m. 

Rachael trying to get a picture of Tutshi.

Ron enjoying the view.
 We decided that we would keep going.  This is where the walkway changed quite a bit.  The path was less travelled and snow and ice covered.  At some points it felt like it was straight up (a little exaggeration).
At the summit the elevation was 5400 ft. (1645 m).  At this point my heart rate was about 170 and so we stopped for a couple of pictures. 
How come Rachael looks so refreshed and I'm looking overheated?  Oh to be young again!

The view was spectacular.  At this point we started to decline and it was tricky with the icy path but slowly we made it down to the meadow.
And even though I knew that I would have to climb back up the steep slope it was worth the effort.  It was just breath taking scenery.

Notice the ink spots.
We took a little bit of time to relax (catch my breath), have a snack, take some pictures and just enjoy the beauty that surrounded us.
The entire hike took us around 3 and a half hours.  I must admit that I felt very out of shape and took lots of time going up the path.  I had great trail partners who were very patient with my effort.  At the end of the trip I burned almost 1600 calories which was very rewarding.  The total hike was 11.2 kms.  Today, the day after, I am able to move; although, my legs are certainly feeling the work out.  It was much easier going back down the trail but it took effort not to slip and fall.  Definitely a great day.  We bought a book listing many trails to try and I downloaded an app to be knowledgeable on what to expect.

And yes, this was supposed to be an easy hike.  Oh boy, I don't think I am ready for any hard ones then.