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Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Happy New Year!

2014 has been interesting.  It included a cruise, a Human Resource Management Certificate, a two month visit with Sarah and Emma, a trip to Swift Current, lots of cross country skiing and canoeing and lots of other interesting life experiences.

Tonight as the sun sets on another year I sit alone since Ron is off to work and I wonder what 2015 will bring.
Well I know a few things...a cruise in February and news from staffing for our next move and as for all the other things stayed tuned and I will keep you posted right here.

I know that I will be up at midnight because the new year comes in here with shots and fireworks.
Happy New Year!

Monday, 29 December 2014

Love You Forever

Twenty four years ago this evening our little family of three rounded off to four.  Stephen Ronald Andrew Clark was born at 9:25 p.m. in Kingston, Ontario in the middle of an ice storm almost two weeks early.  He had a stormy start with breathing problems and a diagnosis of meningitis.  There was lots of prayers offered and finally on his due date he was released from the hospital with no complications.  He won our hearts over like all babies do.

Stephen always had that smile that could melt people and especially his mom.  He loved animals and he was my constant little shadow.  He always seemed so shy but yet was determined to work through that shyness and accomplish big things.  When he went off to college he never looked back from his goal of joining a police force (which he is still working on).  His determination inspires me.  He moved to Calgary and then from there unto the Yukon.  He loves adventures and sometimes it makes my heart stop when I hear of his stunts.
I'll always need my son no matter what age I am. 
My son has made me laugh
...made me proud
...made me cry
...hugged me tight
...seen me fall
...cheered me up
...kept me strong
...and driven me crazy at times!
  But my son is a promise from God that I will have a friend forever!
Stephen's has added to his own family by adopting two dogs and a cat.  I think he would have a farm of animals if he could.
Tank and Bentley
I haven't seen Stephen in over a year (in person) and I miss him so much.  He is off snowboarding today in Whitehorse and enjoying his birthday with friends.  I will look forward to the next time that we are together so I can make all his favourite things....cherry cheese cake, blueberry and pumpkin pie, chicken parmesan and anything else his little heart desires.  I like to spoil!

In the words of Robert Munsch:
“I’ll love you forever,
I’ll like you for always,
as long as I’m living
my baby you’ll be.”
Happy Birthday Baby Boy!

Friday, 26 December 2014

All Done!

Christmas Day has come and gone again for another year.  As we read my journal we realized that so many things have changed.  Our family is spread out across Canada.  We don't have those wonderful family dinners any more.  Our memories, our love and our phone keeps us in touch with what we once had and hope to have in the future.  Jenn was busy with her growing family.  Stephen was working but managed to have a Christmas dinner with some new friends and we celebrated with Ron's two partners.  You learn to make the best of it because there is no sense in crying about something that you can't change.

As I sat here looking at the tree (which by the way will be up for at least one more week) I noticed that something that hasn't changed in 31 years.
One ornament that has been constant.  Ron and I have been together for every Christmas even when he was at Depot and we had tv Turkey dinners in the hotel room.
So now we wait to see where we will spend next Christmas.  Happy Boxing Day!

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Christmas Eve

In the past this day was filled with anticipation of visits from family and the eagerness of Jenn and Stephen wanting to open that one Christmas Eve present.  We would then play games and eat chips and dip until we coaxed the kids to bed.  Ron and I would wait until both kids were sound asleep and then surround the tree with gifts that would stretch across the floor.  Stuffed stockings were placed on the presents to be the first thing to open on Christmas morning.  Ron and I would go to bed almost as excited as Jenn and Stephen waiting for their reaction.
The view from my back door this morning....yes, it is a white Christmas here.
This Christmas Eve is different.  No family visiting.  No children.  No gifts under the tree (well, maybe a few!)  Ron has already been called into work and he works tonight BUT.....the "boys" are making pizza tonight and I will make a dessert pizza.  We will try to get in a game of Risk.  (Usually it is Catan, but I have been winning too much lately so they wanted to change it up!). It will be a good evening.  The boys brought us a centrepiece yesterday and it brightened my day and my table.
Yes years go by, traditions change, life continues to happen but I will never stop missing my kids.  
They are always in my heart and I miss them in our home....maybe next year.

Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Days Away

We are back home after enjoying a few days away.  After staying one night in Saskatoon we travelled to Swift Current.  We enjoyed the convenience of picking up coffee and tea to deliver to the detachment where Ron worked.

That evening we went to McDonald's to visit with some great friends from the church.  Oh how I have missed chatting with ladies.  It was great catching up with these wonderful friends.  The next day I went for tea with my work friends.  It was so nice seeing them but it was way too short of a visit.  Even though we were only in Swift Current for four years I feel that I made life-long friends.
Later that day we travelled to Regina and saw the beautiful lights around Depot and enjoyed an evening at Cirque du Soliel (our Christmas gift to each other plus our cruise in February).

After loading up with groceries the next morning we drove back home to settle in for Christmas.  Oh and I have had a little visitor stop of the member's dog.  Isn't she a pretty girl?

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Mini Vacation

It is always so relaxing to have a few days away from.  Ron and I left yesterday morning for a long drive...anywhere away from Deschambault Lake is a long drive.  We drove five hours to Saskatoon with a short lunch stop in Prince Albert.

It was a beautiful drive.

Today we head to Swift is kind of like going home.  Can't wait to see some great friends.

Saturday, 6 December 2014

The Countdown is on...

The first week of -December is almost over.  This week brought a little more snow and lots of cold.  At the first of the week we bundled up and ventured outside in the minus thirty something to take advantage of our winter wonderland that surrounds us.

Down the hill, across the road, through the path and out onto the lake.

On our way back some of the local dogs scooted by us enjoying the sunshine.
When you are surrounded by snow you just have to enjoy it
After trying out the snow close to home we went to Flin Flon the next day for our weekly trip to load up on groceries.  We went for a loop around the Ski Club trails.  The snow wasn't quite as good but it was a pretty day.

To top off my week Jenn took her family for some Christmas pictures.  I love seeing their smiles.
So the first week of December comes to an end.  The lights are shining on the Christmas tree and Christmas carols play throughout the house.  My Christmas baking has filled trays and been delivered and are being enjoyed around our table.
I hope that you are enjoying your December....looking forward to week two as we head out for a mini-vacation.