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Saturday, 26 September 2015

Not So Fast

Well so I thought I was going into retirement again but not so fast.  On Friday, the manager and supervisor called me into the office.  They wanted to know if I would go casual.  It caused me to think....perhaps it wouldn't be so bad.   After some discussion they decided to go along with Ron's schedule as much as they could.  I couldn't refuse that.  So for all of October I have the same days off as Ron.  Next week I have two days off with him.  It's making me feel like I am a little more in control.  I am super thankful for a team at work that saw the potential in me before I could even imagine being successful there.  So I going to give it a try once again.

I had another birthday this week.  The time goes way to fast between them now.  Ron brought two dozen roses home for me.  He worked that night so we didn't do anything special but I did get to FaceTime with my wonderful friend, Catherine.  It has been a week of ups and downs.  I was alone for part of it, quit my job, had a wonderful dinner out with Howard and Hilda, was wished many birthday wishes, had cake at work, got a fresh start at work and now enjoying a restful weekend.  All I know is that time flies by way too fast and it is good to try and slow down and enjoy the great moments.  Looking forward to my days off with, I quit?  Not so fast!

And look what I just received.  Thanks Rachael!
I thought my birthday was over...not so fast.

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

I Quit!

I've never done it before...oh, I have left jobs but it was always with the reason of moving or accepting another position.  This time it was different.  I tried so hard but each day I would be so stressed by the end of the day.  I could feel my blood pressure rising and my chest hurting.  I knew that it just wasn't good so I made the decision to quit.  My last day will be October 9th.  Thankfully I have a super supportive husband.  And thankfully I had our most wonderful and dear friends stop in to spend the evening with me.
Howard and Hilda are friends from way back and they have been a constant support to us over the years.  They were on their way through the province and stopped to take me out for supper and spend the night.  It was so great to see them even if it was too short of a visit.

So another journey begins for me....where will it lead me?  To another position or pajamas and a good book?

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Reliving the Summer

It always seems that the summer goes by way too fast and this summer seems like a blur.  So much has happened and for me it went from a quiet life to lots of people and places.  If we jump back a few months you would have found me sitting in northern Saskatchewan where we expected to be for another year.  Quickly things began to change.
  • the first week of May....bought a house in Three Hills, Alberta
  • 2nd week of the Yukon with Stephen and driving south on the Alaskan Highway
  • 3rd week of May....back in Deschambault Lake with Stephen
  • 4th week of May....Ontario for Daniel and Leah Cooke's wedding
  • 1st week of Ontario
  • 2nd week of June....back in Saskatchewan with Emma and Jacob
  • 3rd week of June....camping in Manitoba with Emma and Jacob
  • 4th week of June...moving from Saskatchewan to Alberta with Emma and Jacob
  • 1st week of July...taking possession of our new home with Sarah, Ron started working in the Three Hills detachment
  • 2nd week of July...setting up the house
  • 3rd week of July...Leah and Daniel move into our home
  • 4th week of July....Cheryl comes for a visit
  • 1st week of August....road trip with Ron, Cheryl and Sarah
  • 2nd week of August....start training for my new job in Red Deer and flood in our basement
  • 3rd week of August....more training and start on-the-job training in Three Hills
  • 4th week of August....working, figuring out our basement issues
  • 1st week of September...Stephen took possession of his new house 
  • 2nd week of September...Ron's sister came for a visit and they go for a motorcycle ride
  • 3rd week of September...Daniel and Leah move out
  • 4th week of September...Ron leaves for training in Edmonton and I am home alone!
So yes, it has been a busy summer but I have to go back a few weeks to relive some special times.  I have already blogged about our grandchildren being here and how much fun it was to have them with us but a very special time was when Cheryl came for 10 days.  We had planned this a few years ago but it didn't happen and now it became a reality.  It was so much fun to have her here.

Our first big adventure was a road trip with just her and I and Sarah.  We headed south to Kananaskis.  I had hardly driven in the last two years so that was pretty exciting all by itself.  It was a beautiful day.
We enjoyed the drive, a lunch by a mountain stream, wildlife and lots of girl talk.  It was a wonderful day.  The next few days we explored around Three Hills and Drumheller and I did a couple of baking demonstrations.  Then Ron had some days off and back in the truck we went.
Lunch in Banff
Gondola Ride in Banff

A dip in Radium Hot Springs
Beautiful drive through the mountains, stopping at all border signs because that is what you have to do!  Thankfully we talked Cheryl out of all the Information Stops.

Enjoying the moments, the scenery and the company.
Some things I knew for sure about Cheryl :
  • she is one of my dearest friends who understands me
  • gives great advice
  • enjoys tea
  • loves a bargain and a hotel that includes breakfast
And now
  • I know that she likes to have the air conditioning on and the blinds pulled in a hotel room
  • and that she LOVES to take LOTS of pictures
Thanks Cheryl for making my summer to plan our next adventure!

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Prairie Bride

Life on the prairie is full of new adventures and lots of different emotions as I try to settle into the routine of work again.  It was hard to see Ron leave last week on a bike trip without me but I was thankful that he could spend time with his sister.
They had a good trip...traveling over 1500 km through Alberta. Montana and B.C.  Ron brought me back a little gift from a stop in Fort Steele.

It was kind of confusing to pull out this ring.  It is not unusual for Ron to buy me jewellery but this wasn't up to his usual standard.  It wasn't until I read the card with it that it all made sense and I was touched by his gift.  I feel like a true Prairie bride after all these years of marriage and am proud of my prairie diamond.

Tonight Ron is working and this is the very first night that I have been in this house by myself.  Leah and Daniel moved out today and so Ron and I will be back to just the two of us.  We have not had that since April.

As for my work....well it has been different.  It is such a new thing for me and it has been a huge learning curve.  Yesterday, in my frustration, I quit.  I had been to the doctor the night before and had been told that with my risk factors  I had just over 25 percent chance of having a heart attack in the next ten years.  The day had been so busy and I felt my anxiety pick up.  I finally had had enough.  I didn't want the stress of the work environment increase my odds.  I felt pretty good for awhile...very satisfied with my decision.  Once my supervisor and manager had a chance to digest my decision they began to discuss with me how they could get me to stay.  I decided to give it a little longer but I did ask for Friday off to destress and hopefully enjoy a little motorcycle ride.

So my goal for the next little while is to try and relax more, worry less, eat better, and exercise more in order to reduce the health risks.  The positive side is that I have 75 percent of not having a heart attack.  That's honours!

Wednesday, 9 September 2015


Yesterday as I glanced at Facebook I saw many first day of school pictures but there was some in particular that I was really anxious to see.  Sarah was starting grade one and Emma was beginning her school career.
There was lots of hugs goodbye and a few tears from the ones left behind.

The bus was on the way and the girls were excited.

And they are off.  When we talked to them last night they both reported a good and tiring day.  I'm sure that they fell asleep quick, ready for a great second day.

Another first is that Ron's sister flew out for a visit yesterday and we enjoyed a nice barbecue with corn on the cob for supper.  This morning Ron woke us up early for her to see her first ever northern lights and they were spectacular.  They danced across the early morning sky.  Today...another first.  Ron and Debbie take the motorcycle on its first big trip.  They are headed out for a few days to the mountains.  It's a bit nippy this morning so it will gearing up good for a cool ride but the weather is looking promising for a beautiful trip.

So another first...while Ron is out enjoying life I am off to work.  Now that's a first and it isn't fair either.....:(

Monday, 7 September 2015

Another Proud Moment

My last entry talked about how proud we were of Jenn who completed her college course and achieved a diploma.  This weekend we had another proud moment as we drove to our son's new home.  Without any help from mom and dad he was able to purchase his first home.
Comfy and cozy is how I would describe his little nest.  It has three bedrooms and 2 and a half bathrooms...lots of room for mom and dad to come and visit.  The kitchen was just perfect to prepare some treats.
Chicken Parm...the boy's favourite
Banana Muffins
And his little family loves the space.

He didn't get sent to the corner...
but sometimes he should be!
Can you believe he use to be a wild dog?
Relaxing....but always keeping her eyes open...
dogs, dogs, dogs!
And in the evening when the work was done we enjoyed a game of Catan.  We use to play a lot with the boys up north but what a treat to have a game with Stephen.  Yes, a proud moment to see your son doing what he wants to do and living in such a nice home.  Good job boy!