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Sunday, 20 September 2015

Reliving the Summer

It always seems that the summer goes by way too fast and this summer seems like a blur.  So much has happened and for me it went from a quiet life to lots of people and places.  If we jump back a few months you would have found me sitting in northern Saskatchewan where we expected to be for another year.  Quickly things began to change.
  • the first week of May....bought a house in Three Hills, Alberta
  • 2nd week of the Yukon with Stephen and driving south on the Alaskan Highway
  • 3rd week of May....back in Deschambault Lake with Stephen
  • 4th week of May....Ontario for Daniel and Leah Cooke's wedding
  • 1st week of Ontario
  • 2nd week of June....back in Saskatchewan with Emma and Jacob
  • 3rd week of June....camping in Manitoba with Emma and Jacob
  • 4th week of June...moving from Saskatchewan to Alberta with Emma and Jacob
  • 1st week of July...taking possession of our new home with Sarah, Ron started working in the Three Hills detachment
  • 2nd week of July...setting up the house
  • 3rd week of July...Leah and Daniel move into our home
  • 4th week of July....Cheryl comes for a visit
  • 1st week of August....road trip with Ron, Cheryl and Sarah
  • 2nd week of August....start training for my new job in Red Deer and flood in our basement
  • 3rd week of August....more training and start on-the-job training in Three Hills
  • 4th week of August....working, figuring out our basement issues
  • 1st week of September...Stephen took possession of his new house 
  • 2nd week of September...Ron's sister came for a visit and they go for a motorcycle ride
  • 3rd week of September...Daniel and Leah move out
  • 4th week of September...Ron leaves for training in Edmonton and I am home alone!
So yes, it has been a busy summer but I have to go back a few weeks to relive some special times.  I have already blogged about our grandchildren being here and how much fun it was to have them with us but a very special time was when Cheryl came for 10 days.  We had planned this a few years ago but it didn't happen and now it became a reality.  It was so much fun to have her here.

Our first big adventure was a road trip with just her and I and Sarah.  We headed south to Kananaskis.  I had hardly driven in the last two years so that was pretty exciting all by itself.  It was a beautiful day.
We enjoyed the drive, a lunch by a mountain stream, wildlife and lots of girl talk.  It was a wonderful day.  The next few days we explored around Three Hills and Drumheller and I did a couple of baking demonstrations.  Then Ron had some days off and back in the truck we went.
Lunch in Banff
Gondola Ride in Banff

A dip in Radium Hot Springs
Beautiful drive through the mountains, stopping at all border signs because that is what you have to do!  Thankfully we talked Cheryl out of all the Information Stops.

Enjoying the moments, the scenery and the company.
Some things I knew for sure about Cheryl :
  • she is one of my dearest friends who understands me
  • gives great advice
  • enjoys tea
  • loves a bargain and a hotel that includes breakfast
And now
  • I know that she likes to have the air conditioning on and the blinds pulled in a hotel room
  • and that she LOVES to take LOTS of pictures
Thanks Cheryl for making my summer to plan our next adventure!

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Cheryl Holdsworth said...

You made my day Penny! I just had a really good laugh and a reminder of a wonderful visit with a very dear friend ♡