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Wednesday, 9 September 2015


Yesterday as I glanced at Facebook I saw many first day of school pictures but there was some in particular that I was really anxious to see.  Sarah was starting grade one and Emma was beginning her school career.
There was lots of hugs goodbye and a few tears from the ones left behind.

The bus was on the way and the girls were excited.

And they are off.  When we talked to them last night they both reported a good and tiring day.  I'm sure that they fell asleep quick, ready for a great second day.

Another first is that Ron's sister flew out for a visit yesterday and we enjoyed a nice barbecue with corn on the cob for supper.  This morning Ron woke us up early for her to see her first ever northern lights and they were spectacular.  They danced across the early morning sky.  Today...another first.  Ron and Debbie take the motorcycle on its first big trip.  They are headed out for a few days to the mountains.  It's a bit nippy this morning so it will gearing up good for a cool ride but the weather is looking promising for a beautiful trip.

So another first...while Ron is out enjoying life I am off to work.  Now that's a first and it isn't fair either.....:(

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Catherine said...

Hooray for grandbabies starting school!
Boooo to having to work while hubby goes off to play.
Reality bites sometimes. ;)
Have a good week friend!
xo Catherine