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Sunday, 11 June 2017

Tornado Warnings & Storm Clouds Brewing

I've seen the warnings before and have watched the skies with some concern but last Friday was different.
I had ridden my bike to work and when I was leaving someone told me that I better get home fast because there was black sky in the north.
Sure enough it looked threatening and there was a little rain.  When I got going I turned around to check the traffic and I noticed a funnel cloud was in the sky behind me. People were starting to come out of their houses with their phones, some talking, others taking pictures...many pointing up to the sky and shouting warnings to me.  I peddled faster.

When I got home I quickly put my bike away, grabbed the planters and put them in the garage and ran out to take a few pictures.
It was a crazy experience but when the tornado touched down it did some local damage to a couple of homes and fortunately no one was hurt. 

When the dust settled Ron showed up on national tv.
He was quoted.  He's famous now!

When it was all over and done with the only damage done to our house was a sign that had blown unto our lawn.
We had another storm happen in our life this past week.  We had taken my engagement ring into the jeweler a while ago to have some claws repaired.  Long story, shortened into one sad story...they lost my ring between the jeweler and the goldsmith.  A storm of tears arrived with the phone call.  Ron jumped off the couch and we headed into Calgary to see what they could do.  They have agreed to redesign my ring and create a duplicate one.  It's not quite the same but at least I still have the great guy that gave me that ring 34 years ago.

In the mean time Ron bought me a wonderful new set.  It's a beautiful Arctic Brilliance Canadian Diamond rose gold set.  He's such a keeper.  I'm so sad that they lost my ring but so happy that I've got the best husband ever.
 Tornados, storms and rain clouds can come our way but there is always something bright and shiny to look for in our a brand new sparkly ring!

Thursday, 1 June 2017

It's Happening Again!

This week has been a busy one.  Throughout the weekend we cleaned, sorted, straightened and decluttered because that's what you do when you are about to list your house. 

On Tuesday, our real estate agent came and did the paperwork and took the pictures.  That same day the appraiser came to make sure that we listed the house for the right price.

Yesterday, we did the phone interview with the person that was assigned to us for relocation.

Today, the listing showed up on

Our House

So, now we wait.  We have to constantly live like company is coming: making sure to put the shoes in the closet, dishes in the dishwasher, toilet seats down, garbages emptied and shower curtains pulled.  Well, at least that is how I live.  Ron's still enjoying the house!

Now I have the questions:
  • How long before we get the first showing? 
  • Will there be any serious offers? 
  • Will we be sitting here in this house in the fall, Christmas, next year?
I will try and be patient and enjoy this pretty, busy little town that we live in.  This weekend Ron will work and the town will be flooded with people for Cruise Weekend....fancy, new and antique cars will all be on display.