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Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Family & Friends - Ontario Style

We are back home and back to work  but we had a whirlwind trip to Ontario.  Everyday was packed full of family and friends.  We flew to Ontario two weeks ago today.  We were excited that our son was able to fly home too.  He just got off of working nights but he kept right up to the schedule.

Thursday - We went and met our newest little grandson and I got to hold him for awhile and then we packed the oldest 4 up in the van and headed to the beach.

Abby was a little uncertain of these strange grandparents from the west but since the other three seemed fine with us she decided she would tag along.

After the beach we headed to a "play park."

Friday - Was Ron's birthday and it seemed like it was all about him. 
Okay...maybe not.

We headed to Belleville where he left me with my besties to have his birthday lunch without him.  We met up later to meet some wonderful friends in Frankford and then we stopped at the hospital to see one of our son's friends who just became a dad.
These girls mean the world to me!
Saturday was family day.  First a Frizzell family reunion.

And then finally a birthday dinner for Ron with the Clark family.

Sarah and Emma stayed with us overnight.

Sunday - We headed to Gananoque for the day.  First we went to a church where we assisted right after Ron completed bible college and we had a nice visit with so many old friends.  We visited over lunch and then Jenn and the rest of the kids joined us for a Thousand Island Cruise.

It was a perfect day and very restful even with a whole whack of kids.

Monday - Ron and I went to Kingston and spent a little time at a nice lake front park.
Enjoying a tea by the water is the best.  We then met my mom and dad and sister and brother-in-law to celebrate my dad's 80th birthday!
Right after the candle was blown out we headed to pick up the kids again for a night at a hotel.

Abby was starting to relax with us and we had a lot of fun....swimming, shopping and sleeping in the hotel.

Tuesday - Jenn came in the morning and we did some shopping before she had to go to work.
We are so happy that Jenn found a job that she is enjoying so much.

We kept the kids for the rest of the afternoon and took them home tired.  We might have been a little tired too!

On our way back to Napanee we stopped to see my cousin who had a serious bike injury.  It was good to see her.  She has already been a special cousin to me.

Wednesday - There is a must when we come to Ontario....first we need to see family and friends and then we have to head to Sharbot Lake.  It's a little bit of heaven on earth for us.
We met up with the Irwins for lunch and to catch up on the news of the area.  We stopped to see special friends that owned a cottage where we spent many holidays after leaving the area.

Thursday - Was our day for mother's.  Ron took his mom shopping, out for lunch and a drive.  I took my mom and sister to jail.  I guess that doesn't sound too good but that is what we did.  We did the tour of the Kingston Penitentiary.  It was interesting and it was nice to have a girls' day.

The tour was quite interesting.  We had a guide that took our group to each area where a guard that had worked in the pen told us about the area.
It took a little negotiation but we got my sister released.  After the tour we went across to the museum and saw just how creative the inmates can be.
Hollowed food trays help inmate escape maximum security.
Thursday night we went to spend the evening with Jenn and do a little bit of shopping.

Friday - Another kiddie day.  By this time Abby was excited to hop in the van and see what adventure was awaiting.
We headed to Lake Ontario Park to the splash park.
After a good play in the water and the park and a little walk in the hot sun everyone was feeling a little tired.  Even poor Uncle was exhausted.
It was another good day.  We said our goodbyes to the kids and to Jenn and drove away in a quiet van.  We stopped to see my cousin again.

Saturday - We left for Toronto right after lunch.  We had a little wait at the airport due to a delay but all was smooth for our trip back to Alberta.

We had one day to rest up before we were all back to work.  Wow, I'm tired just looking at our schedule.  Good thing we are back to work to rest up.

Saturday, 6 August 2016

Where Did That Week Go?

This past week flew by and I'm feeling it today.  Monday was the last day of a long weekend and Ron was just recovering from nights but we kept busy with biking, walking and enjoying the time around home.

On Tuesday we left home bright and early to meet up with our son to do an errand for him which didn't quite work out but we did deliver some meals for his freezer and then went on a hunt for a new purse.  After walking in every store at the Crossiron Mall that even looking liked like they might have purses we finally found the right one.  Success!
When we got home we went to Andrew and Brianne's for Catan and Ron won both games. Enough said!  We just got to bed and one storm after another rolled through Three Hills keeping me awake until 2:00 a.m.

On Wednesday it was off to work for both Ron and I.  It was a full day of talking, meeting people, tours and cleaning out and setting up my new office.  By the time I got home I had a hard time keeping my eyes open.

On Thursday, we were both back to work.  After work the grass needed to be cut but we still had the energy for Catan.  This time things went a little better.  Andrew finally won and I took the second game.

Friday morning I left in the morning to help our boy with painting.  We worked hard and got things closer to where he needs his renovations to be.  I got home at 10:00 p.m. with sore muscles and awful looking hands.

On Saturday, Brianne picked me up and we headed to Airdrie for a bit of pampering.  We sat in massage chairs beside each other chatting while we were given pedicures.  We moved across the salon to have our manicures done and my finger nails improved!
I'm still amazed that those are my real nails!  With fancy toes and fingernails we headed out for a sushi lunch...yum!  A stop at Walmart and Tim's and we headed for home.  Relaxing day and fun company!

I finished my day up by sending Ron off to work and then calling our oldest granddaughter who was turning 7 today.  The last two birthdays she had spent with us.  She was having a great time ....having her cake and eating it too!
 Happy Birthday Sarah!
We ended our phone call with the regular "love you's" but this time I got to add, "See you on Wednesday!" 

So this week might have been busy but I have a feeling the next two will be even busier!