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Friday, 28 February 2014

Day 4 - A Day at Sea

There usually is at least one day at sea and on this cruise we had two.  They are not my favourite days but you learn to make the most of it.  After all, we are floating on a huge resort and you need at least one day to explore it.

It takes me quite awhile to figure out were to go but Ron usually has it figured out pretty quick.  It is good that there are little maps everywhere to show me where I am and how to get to where I want to be.  This ship has 15 decks...that is more floors than most hotels.  It is 1020 feet long. 

Where to first....breakfast!  Each day the floor of the elevator shows us what day it is which is good because on holidays it is hard to remember.

Breakfast could be found in two places.  The 3rd floor formal dining room or the 11th floor WindJammer.  We preferred this.  Lots of food to choose from and a window seat.

After breakfast we went to the well equipped gym and we exercised while looking out at the ocean.

A walk around the ship makes you almost forget that you are contained miles away from land. 

This ship included a shopping area that was just like a mini mall and yes, we found men sitting at the tables in the morning drinking their coffee probably waiting for their wives to wake up.  The shopping was reasonable and we bought a few things to make us feel part of the crowd.

In the afternoon we searched for a quiet, shaded spot to read.  It was 29 degrees Celsius and neither of us wanted a bad burn.  Most people choose a spot around the pool area.  I took this in the morning before the sunbathers found their way to the pool.
We found a quieter place...right at the front of the ship so I could make sure the captain knew what he was doing.

Ron is wearing his new glasses to read and right behind him is the exercise area and in front of him is the front of the ship.

At night we always chose to go the formal dining room.  The food was amazing and the service was fantastic.  Over the week I had seafood pasta, cod, duck, lamb and lobster and I won't tell you all the desserts but lets just say I have been exercising hard to wear off two nights of crème brulee.

Every night you have the same waiters and they treated us so well.  They knew my standing tea order.  I miss them!
Next day....ARUBA!

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Day 3 - St. Kitts

Another beautiful warm day in the Caribbean.  We arrived in St. Kitts. 
This was an island that we had visited with Stephen as well.  The last time we were here the boys had monkeys placed on them as soon as we got there and then we had gone snorkelling. 
This time we decided to visit a sister island and so we boarded a boat and went to Nevis.  Okay, the boat was a little bigger than this but the message was good on this little vessel.
It was cloudy and windy with a chance of shattered showers but it was 28 degrees Celsius so there wasn't really anything to complain about.  We took a bus tour around the island.
We toured an old plantation which had been turned into a resort but was now waiting for someone to purchase it...I think it was listed at 4,000,000.
We watched the rain storm come down the mountain to greet us by the time we got to the beach.

At the beach we were treated to a lunch just before the rain came.
The rain came, the winds blew and we got wet but then the sun came out and we went swimming in the warm ocean with waves pulling us out and pushing us in.  It was wonderful.  We met a nice couple from Medicine Hat and enjoyed visiting with them.  Ron went snorkelling and saw a turtle, lots of different kinds of fish and brought me some shells.
And when our time was up the boat arrived right on the shore and we boarded and went back to our ship.  It was another great day.  And yes, it rained....but it wasn't snow so it was fine.

Next day....a Day at Sea and I will tell you all about our floating hotel.  

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Day 2 - St. Thomas, U.S.V.I

We woke up as we closed in on the island of St. Thomas.  We had been to this island two years ago with Stephen.  It was 30 degrees, warm and sunny.  We strolled around the shopping area and met a new little friend.
We decided not to stop and chat and left him to his bench.  Ron bought a very important purchase while we were there....a snorkel.  It proved to be well worth his money during this trip.

We took a private ferry for a scenic ride along St. Thomas's south shore into the beautiful island of St. John. 
This island is known as the Emerald of the Caribbean. 
We then took a "taxi" to Trunk Bay.  The taxi was actually a truck with two benches on both sides of the truck bed.  The beach was beautiful and we saw a stingray swimming by.  He didn't bother us and we didn't bother him.  Ron snorkelled along a underwater path.  There were signs to direct him along the way.  He saw lots of fish. The water was warm and of course, very salty.

We spent about three hours at the beach relaxing, snacking, reading, swimming and snorkelling.  It was a beautiful day and did I mention WARM.  When we got back to the ship we had a cup of tea on the 11th floor looking down on the harbour in St. Thomas and the Carnival Cruise Ship.
We had great dinner partners for our evening meals and enjoyed sharing with them about our day's activities and hearing from them what they had done.  The food was of course delicious, especially the Crème Brulee.  Each night we would go back to our cabin which was cleaned so nicely by "Bruce."  He would leave us information about the next day's events and sometimes a little creature. day we went to St. Kitts.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Time to enjoy the heat!

Our cruise vacation began in San Juan, Puerto Rico where we spent one night.  On Sunday morning we took a taxi to the old city to explore and have breakfast.

We realized that the police presence was very visible.  You didn't walk very far until you saw one. 
Old San Juan is filled with forts, churches and narrow streets.

We walked to the top of a hill and looked over the ocean and breathed a warm sigh that we were there.
The Legislative Assembly building was quite magnificent and surrounded by the statues of presidents. 

I think Ron fits right in to the scene.  Now Ron, one more picture...just sit and relax until I get the right.....

And after a hot walk we made our way to our floating hotel for the week.
More to come!

Sunday, 16 February 2014

I Feel the Warmth!

Well we made it!  After getting up at 4:00 a.m. and travelling from Saskatoon to Toronto to Miami and finally arrived in Puerto Rico last night at 9:30 a.m.

Walking out of the airport was great feeling the warm air.

Today we will do a little bit of sightseeing and then board our cruise.

Talk to you in a week!

Thursday, 13 February 2014

An Adventure Awaits

It's time for a holiday.  I have the last bit of laundry in the washing machine.  I have clothes laid out ready to pack.  The tickets are laying beside our passports.  Yup, it's time.
Tomorrow we leave here and spend Valentine's day travelling to Saskatoon where we will spend the night and fly out the next day.  We decided that we might as well take the long way - Saskatoon to Toronto to Miami to San Juan, Puerto Rico.  When we land there it is forecasted to feel like 40 degrees. 

We haven't cruised with Royal Caribbean before but it certainly looks like we will enjoy the ship.

Our cabin
Ship Pool Area

Formal dining area
This ship has 15 decks and 10 pools and whirlpools.  It has a rock wall, mini-golf course, spa, shopping, exercise room and even a skating rink!
And that is just the ship information.  We will be staying overnight in San Juan before we embark and then visiting four islands while on the cruise.

So I better get busy and make sure I have everything and I can assure you that both Ron and I will be watching where I set my camera down on this trip.
Bon Voyage!

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Now What's For Dessert?

Cookies + Icecream = Icecream Sandwiches

Enough said!
(may mean a little extra time on the treadmill)