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Saturday, 26 April 2014


We arrived in Ontario and was greeted by the cutest little girl.  Sarah was thrilled to see "our plane" land.
We took a little walk through a conservation area to stretch our legs.  
The weather was beautiful and we had gr
eat a great flight and we were ready to visit with family and friends.

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Hurry Up and Wait

Traveling is fun to me but it means a lot of waiting.  Waiting in lines to check in, waiting in lines to get snacks, waiting to board, waiting to take off....but then finally it all comes together and soon my mom will be making me tea and my dad will make me breakfast and my grandchildren will give me snuggle but for now....we wait!

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Knitting, Studying, Packing & Hair Colour?

The last few days have been busy with finishing a report for my Training and Development class and preparing study notes for my exam.  This is an open book exam which is different then any other test I have done.  I write the exam tomorrow morning and hopefully it will go well.

Between assignments and studying I have been working on two bigger knitting projects.  I wanted to make an afghan for my mom and she picked her colours but then Miss Sarah (our oldest granddaughter) thought she should have one too and chose purple.  They are both done and ready to be packed.
So after the exam tomorrow I will start to think about what to pack for our little Ontario visit.  Two afghans and oh yes, Jenn wants her piano books.  I wonder if I will have room for any clothes?

Oh and one more thing....7G (Natural Dark Golden Blonde) or 119C (Dark Spice).  So many decisions.

Monday, 14 April 2014

Make New Friends But Keep the Old Ones

Way, way back when Jenn was a little girl she went to Sparks.  She loved the crafts and wearing the pink shirt and playing with lots of little girls her age.  I remember one little song that they would sing each time they met...maybe you know it too.
Borrowed from Google Images

 Boy, can I relate to the words.  We have moved a fair bit and always we seem to make some life-long friends that we keep close to our heart.  We may not see them as often but we know that when we do we can pick up from where we left off.  A phone call, a facebook scrabble game or an email can make me smile or perhaps just make my entire day. 

Last week a special Ontario friend and I planned a cruise that we are going on next year...oh yes, our husbands are invited too.  It will give me ten months to plan and look forward to spending a whole week together.  I am so excited!

On Saturday I got a call from another Ontario friend.  We talked for over an hour catching up...sometimes laughing...sometimes crying and sometimes waiting for her phone to catch up with us.  Some people will do anything to save money! (Donna!!!!)

Last night I had a message on my phone to call one of my Saskatchewan redneck friends.  I am going to return the call tonight to Lynne and I know that we will share our thoughts and try and fix all the problems in the world and I will hang up knowing that I have a special friend.

Today Ron got our mail and there was a special envelope for me.  Oh, I love mail!  One dear friend realizes that I am missing my Tim's steeped tea and so she went out of the way to send it to me. Thanks Nelda!  Now that is just plain thoughtful!!!

So yes, it is always hard to say goodbye to my friends when I move but oh how blessed I feel that I have so many special people in my life.

Only a few days until we travel to the land of Ontario where we may get to see some of these special friends and then a quick little stop in Swift where hopefully I will get so see some more.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Anxiety...I Hate That Feeling

noun: anxiety; plural noun: anxieties
  1. a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome.
Do you ever get that feeling? 
                              That hard to breath, don't talk to me, head ready to explode, cold kind of feeling. 
             It is very unsettling when there is something that you have to do and you just don't feel comfortable about it.

Well, I have to go to the clinic today for a very simple appointment. 
                      I'm not nervous about seeing the doctor or hearing the results but I have to get there.

Very strange I know.  It is only about a three minute drive...maybe ten minutes if I dared to walk.  Ron is usually here for my appointments and I feel quite comfortable with his presence but today he is not here.

So ...I sipped on my tea this morning trying not to think about it. 
                              I did 30 minutes of hard exercise on the elliptical to work out the stress. 
                                                       I relaxed in a hot bath and soon, very soon I will go.

Oh, I will be back before you know it and all will all be well so why do I have ANXIETY?

P.S.  I am back!  No incidents beside a terrible road...muddy and rutty....but the doctor's plane didn't come in today so I'm going to go through this all again tomorrow. 

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Too Sweet Not To Share

I have been knitting lots and I mean lots.  It is what I enjoy doing when I sit down in the evening.  I have sent baby afghans across the country:
  • one to British Columbia for a friend's grandbaby
  • three to Saskatchewan:  a friend from church in Swift Current, one to Gull Lake for one of Ron's partners, one to Deschambault Lake for another work partner
  • one to Manitoba for a pastor friend
  • one to Ontario for our daughter's friend
  • one left in the Yukon for our son's girlfriend's sister
And then I started on full size afghans and I was pleasantly surprised with the one I worked on for my mother-in-law. 

Just over two weeks ago I put this one in the mail to Ontario for my daughter:
It arrived just in time for the newest addition to our family.  Jenn took Abigail for a New Born Photo Shoot just last weekend and here are some sneak pictures. 
I wonder if I sent washing instructions? 
Two more weeks and I get to meet Miss Abigail (but I'm going to hold her with a diaper on.)