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Sunday, 30 September 2018

The Month of September

My last blog was on the first of the month and so I thought I should wrap up September with another email.  It's not like we haven't been doing things.  It's just been that I have been too busy to record it.

September 1 - Ron started back working at the Three Hills Detachment knowing that it would only be a few days before he was done.

September 2 - We went to church and enjoyed being a part of the church that we had called our home church for the past 3 years.

September 3 - Labour Day and both Ron and I worked.  The GlobeTREK team came for supper.
September 4 - Ron worked and met with the Moving Company.  Chapel at the college was a prayer send off for our GlobeTREK travellers.
 I helped prepare the dinner at Emma's (my boss) house for our department welcome party.
September 5 - I went to the airport early in the morning to see our team off.  They will be travelling for 8 months.  Ron's last day in Three Hills.
September 6 - We went to Airdrie for a follow up ultrasound from my surgery and took in a little bit of the horse jumping at Spruce Meadows.
September 7 & 8  - Ron and I worked to get the house ready for the movers and took time to see the twins.
September 9 - Our last Sunday at church and there just happened to be a barbeque to enjoy after the service.

September 10 - I worked and then we went to Marion and Merve's for a delicious steak dinner.  Marion had become such a great friend and it was so nice to have this time with her.  She even let me do all my laundry there!  Now, that's friendship!!!

September 11 - We had an early appointment with my specialist and was told that the ultrasound looked clear of cancer!  I don't have to go back until 6 months!!!  We had a farewell lunch at the detachment for Ron and then I got my hair done in the afternoon and had to say goodbye to my sad!

September 12- Pack Day.  I had supper at Emma's with last year's travellers.
September 13 - Pack Day and then we stayed at the Best Western.  Said our goodbyes to Andrew, Brianne, Elliott and Sawyer.  :(
September 14 - Load day. Cleaned the house and headed to Stephen's.  It's always such a strange feeling.
September 15 - Relaxed around Cochrane.  Homeless!

September 16 - Drove to Pincher Creek in the morning for church and checked into the Stardust Motel. 

September 17 - Signed the papers for our house and got in and played pool.
September 18 - Moving truck arrived and action happened.
September 19 - 20 - unpack days
September 21 - Ron started work in Pincher Creek - Cpl Ron Clark!

September 22 - last box unpacked
September 23 - Church and rest day!

September 24 - Had a doctor appointment for my 55th birthday, went out for lunch and got our tv and internet hooked up.

September 25 to today - organizing and rearranging - making this house our home.
And now, I must get myself ready to walk to church in snow!

Saturday, 1 September 2018


We have been in Pincher Creek since May.  It was a good summer and proved very eventful.  We packed up on Monday and drove home.  I was toasty warm in the truck and Ron was shivering on the motorcycle behind me.  We left in the Spring and now it is harvest time.
It felt good and strange to walk into our Three Hills home.  The view from our back window never gets old and I will really miss "my trains."
We do like the "sold" sign at the front of our house.  It's been over a year of waiting and it is nice to finally move on.  We've been walking lots around Three Hills and we both know that we will miss the town.  It is a nice, clean and friendly prairie town.
It's always exciting for us when we move.  This one is a little different because we already know the area pretty well but it will be new and the hardest part of leaving here is always leaving friends.

Some friends are more like we leave but they will always be a part of our lives especially because they are our Alberta kids.
And now our kids have kids!  They couldn't be happier or busier.  There was no catan and their dinner might have gotten a little cold but just look at these two...
Yup, it's going to be hard to leave BUT they have to come and visit and we will have to do the same.  They would like us to come and do night shifts????  Two weeks from Monday, we will have our new home!  Crazy!!!