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Saturday, 30 September 2017


 Last Sunday was my birthday but that wasn't the biggest event happening this weekend but I did have a special week.

On Tuesday, we went to my son's where I was surprised with a great evening out.  Our son took us out for supper and then Rachael took me to the "The Sound of Music" musical.  It was amazing.
On Wednesday, we went to the wedding that we have been waiting for for a year to happen.  Our Alberta kids were getting married.  The setting was beautiful and the day was amazing.
Andrew looked excited and nervous as he waited for his beautiful bride.
The guys were dressed from top to bottom with Andrew's choice of socks.
The bride made the long walk up the hill with her parents while the groom waited, wiping his eyes in anticipation of the beautiful vision that would appear before him.
Andrew quickly took the hand of his new bride as the parents gave away their daughter to this handsome Mountie in the mountains.
The vows were very touching and sincere and brought tears to most eyes of those that had gathered to witness this marriage.
As the final "I do" was said and the pronouncement of husband and wife, the happy couple pranced past the guests with excitement.

With a beautiful bride, a handsome Mountie and the spectacular backdrop of the mountains there were an abundance of pictures being taken.  I was so excited for these two that I have grown to love over the past two years.
Of course, it is always special to get dressed up and hang out this guy.

The reception was wonderful.  Everything was great....the happy moments, the great speeches, the wonderful mean and especially the great couple that we were celebrating with.

 Ron had the privilege of asking the blessing for the meal.

New beginnings, making memories....Mr. & Mrs!

Saturday, 9 September 2017

New Experiences

Rachael and I have been plotting for a while about going to a horse event at Spruce Meadows.  We first discovered this place our first Christmas in Alberta.  They host a wonderful Christmas Market and Rachael and I enjoyed our day shopping and visiting.  Last year we brought Brianne along with us to be a part of our Christmas adventure there.  Later that month Ron and I drove through Spruce Meadows to take in their festival of lights.  So Spruce Meadows was not new to us BUT we did go there for a new experience.
The Masters was being held their.  We had never been to a horse jumping competition before and I was quite excited.  Ron and I rode the motorcycle and we met Rachael there who was dressed up for the show.  She looked like she might have been a owner of one of those beautiful beasts.  All she was lacking was the big hat.

The first competition we took in was the ATCO Founders Classic.  The horses were jumping 1.50 m.  Thankfully the lady next to us was full of knowledge for us and we got into the event.  Watching the jump off was very exciting.
First there is silence, then a collective "oooo" when the horse knocks a rail down and then a generous clap for all but even more so for those that complete a clean run.

Twice a rider was knocked off when the horse decided that he was not going to do the jump.  Once the horse came running from the far end of the course to right up the hill near us.

Both times the riders were okay and in fact the one rider rode a different horse in the same competition and won with that one.

The next competition was the CANA Cup with horses jumping 1.60 m.  It is really beautiful watching the horse leap over the rail and turn quickly to set up for the next jump.

 The competition ended just in time for us to catch the last of the musical ride.  It's always a little thrill to see the Mounties in their red surges and knowing that I am standing beside my Mountie who has one of those hanging in the closet at home.
We went to the stables to meet these massive, amazing creatures after their show.  They are such beautiful horses.
 And of course everyone needs a cool shower after a hot day of riding!
We stopped to check out a little dog jumping competition as well....water jumping!

We had our lunch and tea during the horse jumping competition and enjoyed our ice cream treat after.  There was only one thing left to a bit.  Since it's my birthday month Ron bought me an Ammolite necklace.  Ammolite is a stone found in Alberta.  This one was mined and designed by the Blood Tribe in Southern Alberta.  I'm spoiled.  Rachael finished off her outfit by buying a nice hat.
After saying goodbye to Rachael, Ron and I drove to the Crossiron mall and had a little snack of sushi.  We then used a gift card that Andrew and Brianne gave us at Christmas time.  Ron and I went to a movie.  That might not be strange for any one reading this but this was my first movie that I have ever gone to. 
So this was a day of new experiences.  The good thing is that I got to do all the new experiences with my old faithful!

Saturday, 2 September 2017

Radium For Lunch???

Last Sunday, Ron and I got up and went to church and then decided to head out on the motorcycle.  We stopped in Calgary to visit our nephew and his family.  They just moved there from Vancouver Island and it is so nice to be able to visit with them a little more often.  We went from there to our son's.  He booked us into an escape room for that evening and so back to Calgary we went.

Escape rooms are a new thing.  It's almost like playing a video game but it's real.  You enter into a room and you search for keys to open locks, find clues to help you enter into more locked areas and try your hardest to get to the final stage ...all within one hour.  Fortunately for us there was no one waiting so we were given more time and after 1 hour and 30 minutes we were victorious in reaching the end.
The next morning Ron and I went for a motorcycle ride.  It's amazing that we are so close to British Columbia that we can go there for lunch.  The sky was nice and clear when we were going and the mountains created amazing sights for us to enjoy along the ride. 
 It wasn't long before the smoke became heavy and there was evidence of the disaster of the fires that have been going on so long in this province.

 We made it to Radium just in time for lunch.  We decided that we should eat before heading to the pools.
 There is nothing quite like the entrance into this town.  You drive between rocks and then it opens up into beautiful views.
 We had lunch at a nice little German restaurant on their outside patio.  The smoke wasn't too bad in Radium.
 Biking, tea and Ron....3 of my favourite things!
 Radium is known for the many Big Horn Sheep in the town and we have never gone there and not seen them.  They roam the streets and live quite nicely with the locals.
 After lunch and a little tour around town we headed back up the hill, through the rocks to the hot springs.
 We usually go to the hot springs when it is cold and so the hot pool feels so good.  This day we spent more time in the cool pool which really wasn't very cool at all.
 A short soak in the hot pool was a nice treat and then we were refreshed to hop on the bike again and head back down the road.

 I'm not sure what I like more, the magnificent mountains or the beautiful colours of the rivers and lakes along the way.  All I know is that when you put them together it's amazing.

 As we drove east we saw some active fires in the mountains.  The plumes of smoke sent a strange feeling through me.  A helicopter flew overhead with a water bucket.  It seemed almost futile. 


Once again, we had a great ride.  We stopped in Banff for a light supper and made it back to our son's for tea.  Andrew and Brianne showed up late.  They had been to Vancouver Island for a wedding and their dog was having a sleep over with our grand dogs.

We keep thinking that that just might be our last ride for the year but the weather has been getting nicer and nicer.  Who knows?