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Monday, 29 May 2017

The Mountains Were Calling

The start of Ron's four days off brought high winds and rain.  We decided it was best to stay at home and get some things done.  By Saturday the clouds had rolled away leaving a more manageable wind behind.  We decided that we just had to head towards the mountains. 

Our first stop was at our boy's since we needed to drop a few meals off for his next set of shifts...well, we didn't have to but I kind of spoil him.  He was no where to be seen but his house was full.

He even had two girls there.  Rachael was gardening and cleaning.
And Richelle was just ready to go on a motorcycle ride.  She wasn't cool enough to go with us...or was it the other way around????
I do like her helmet though.

We had lunch at a Greek Restaurant where the waiter almost fell over backwards when we walked in.  He thought Ron looked so much like a Greek actor.  He was almost speechless.  Rachael and I thought it was quite funny and Ron wore his sunglasses and tried to play the part.  After lunch, we headed for ice cream and then we off to the mountains.  We had already seen a moose with two babies along the way.  That was pretty exciting.  The skies were nice and blue and the mountains were spectacular.

We weren't the only ones enjoying the scenery. 
There were lots of people enjoying the beautiful day after a few nasty ones.  We found a pretty little spot to rest and soak in the sun.

Along our way we saw lots of deer, some big horn sheep and a couple of horses just running along the road.

True to our past biking days the clouds begin to roll in at the end of the day and we just stayed a head of the sprinkles but could hear the thunder pushing us towards home.

Now it's back to work for us.

Friday, 12 May 2017

Drum roll please....

Okay, so Ron and I decided to go on a little early anniversary trip to check out his new posting.  We left Sunday right after church and drove to....

Ron will be policing in Brocket for the Piikani Nation Reserve.  We will be able to live either in Fort McLeod or Pincher Creek.

We looked around Pincher Creek and then went on into Waterton Park where we checked into a motel.

It's such a beautiful place to be and knowing that we will only be living 40 minutes away from all of this is amazing to us.

The next morning we went for a drive and checked out the park a little more carefully.

It's pretty quiet around the park this time of year but full of animals to enjoy and beware of.

We even saw three bears.  We saw a mama and baby while we were in the truck but then we saw one in the village while we were out for our morning walk.  We didn't get a picture.  Sometimes it is best to remember than try and focus the camera!

The spring flowers didn't disappoint either.

We explored Pincher Creek and Fort McLeod trying to get a good feel for the communities so that when we can go looking at houses we will have a good idea of where we would like to live.  We also drove around the reserve and were quite impressed with it being such a nice community.

After spending another night in Waterton we started our trip home, taking our time to enjoy the scenery.

 On our way home we stopped and had dinner with Rachael and our son.  Mother's day flowers were there for me from Jenn and SC.  It was a nice surprise.  We also got wonderful smelling candles from Rachael for our anniversary.  Spoiled!
We have been back home and back to work for the past two days.  It may take awhile for Ron to get his papers for the move but we will be content to enjoy the summer in Three Hills....actually I am kind of content to be wherever as long as we are together.
34 years on Sunday!

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Ready to Move?

Did I really say that in my last post?  I guess you should be careful what you pray for and what you post in your blog.

Yesterday I went back to work after having lunch with my constable husband.  I was sitting at my desk working away when I received a call from a corporal.  In a short space of time Ron had evolved or should I say received his promotion. 

Last year he wrote the exam and passed and then began the process of applying for corporal positions.  With every kind of advancement comes lots of preparation and work and Ron did it.

So, a year later he has his promotion....and we are on the move.
Of course, there are lots of steps to go through to get to where we will land.  He received the phone call but now he will wait for the paperwork.  Once that is received relocation will fill us in on the procedure:  selling our house, buying a house, etc.

Next week we are going to take a little or long drive to check out the new location and at that time I will do the big reveal with pictures.