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Sunday, 28 February 2016

Post Cruise

Ron and I have been back to the real world for a week now.  It sometimes takes that long to recover from a holiday...unpacking, laundry, groceries, naps and more naps.  It was great to get away and enjoy some beaches, great food and lots of relaxation.

Our first day on the ship was a "Day at Sea" which means nothing to do but eat, sleep and eat some more.  It happened to be Valentine's Day. 

Day 2 found us in Grand Cayman.  We were tendered off the ship to shore where we boarded a bus to Seven Mile Beach.  The "beach" was very interesting.  It consisted mostly of a huge reef than ran right in front of where we were dropped off.  Ron grabbed his snorkel and was anxious to explore.

I wasn't quite that excited.  The beach looked a little intimidating to me with so much reef.  I wandered further down the beach and found a good place to float in the waves.
 This beach had lots of people and lots of iguanas.  You had to be careful where you walk because you really didn't want to step on one of these guys.

Thankfully when we got back to the ship the only creature that we found in our cabin was something that looked like this:
Day 3 and we made it to Mahogany Bay, Isla Roatan.  Again, we had booked an excursion to a beach.  I mean, why not!  After we docked we took a bus ride across the island to the resort area.  There was a huge security presence to keep the area safe.  It was a little unnerving seeing a guard with a long gun. 

Once we arrived at the beach we were taken to the area to choose our beach chair and a security guard introduced himself and said that our belongings would be safe.  He constantly wandered up and down the lounge chairs making sure that no one was harassed with the locals trying to sell their goods.
It was a beautiful warm day and Ron got busy exploring underwater while I went for a couple of dips in the ocean, read and relaxed.

 I even got my hair braided at the beach and we bought a couple of paintings from a local artist.

Day 4 was a very interesting day for us.  We were in Belize or kind of.  The ship anchored far away from land since the water was so shallow and there were so many reefs.  People that were going into Belize took a long tender to there.  We, on the other hand, took a 45 minute tender ride to a tiny island where we went snorkelling.

 The snorkelling was very interesting here.  They split us up into groups according to how comfortable we were with it.  I chose the beginner group.  We followed our guide around who would point out different fish and coral to us.  I was reasonably calm until some jelly fish floated by my hand.
Day 5 -  Our ship arrived in Cozumel, Mexico.  We took a ferry boat to Playa del Carmen and that was interesting.  The water was rough and the waves splashed up to the second level where we were sitting.  The boat rocked back and forth and a few people were overcome with the motion.  Thankfully Ron and I were okay.  Once we arrived on shore we took an hour bus ride to the Ancient City of Tulum.  It was really hot and our tour guide was a tad bit annoying.  It was one of those days that I was glad that I did it but now that I have, I don't need to do it again.

Day 7 brought another day at sea which was just perfect.  Ron came down with a cold and needed a day to rest up before our trip home.
It was another good cruise.  I've already been on line looking at other options but it won't be for awhile.  We soon need to get new tires on the motorcycle and start planning some bike trips.  Retirement is good for me....poor Ron!

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Christmas All Over Again

The last few years gift cards have become extremely popular and some would argue that they have made gift buying impersonal.  Not for me!  I always feel like it is getting a gift twice.  For example, a young friend of ours gave us a gift card for Boston Pizza.  On Christmas it was great to open up the Christmas card and find a gift card tucked away in the envelope.  In January, when Ron and I used the card it was a treat not to have to pay for the meal.  Thanks Andrew for dinner!

I got another gift certificate for Christmas, this one from Rachael.  So on Christmas morning I opened my "gift" and then got to plan for it.

On Monday, Christmas came again when we had an appointment booked to be pampered.  First a stop at the mall to pick up some travelling clothes for my trip and of course, a tea.  Off we went to our little Oasis.  It was time for our pedicures.  

There is nothing quite like the feeling of soaking your feet in sudsy water and then having them massaged with cream.  Hot wax is a little hard to take at first but oh, how they make your feet feel so soft after.  It was super relaxing and a great way to spend a Monday.  Next came the manicure.  Rachael and I had worked very hard to have nails that could be manicured (it might not look that way but we were proud of them). 

While letting our nails dry we relaxed in a room with soft lights and soothing music.  We both discovered that we are not very patient at letting our nails dry.

After "watching paint dry" and getting a nail fixed that I didn't let dry enough we were off to finish our evening.  It was such a beautiful day that Stephen even joined us by riding his motorcycle into the city.  A sushi dinner was on the menu for us!

So gift cards are like having a special occasion twice.  Once when you receive it and then when you use it.  So I think they are very personal gifts.  Merry Christmas to me in February.  Oh, and my nails look great for my cruise...two more sleeps!

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Waiting No More

So an update on the job situation.  I went for the interview on January 12th before the posting was even closed.  The gentleman that interviewed me said that they had been "inundated" with applications.  They had created a short list and I was on it.  I was really quite flattered to have made it to that point in the process.  The interview went well and he had told me that he would let me know in two weeks one way or the other.

Two weeks passed and then three and I called their human resources contact person.  She told me that she would get back to me by the end of the week.  That weeks passed and so did the next and still no word.

Today I went on their site and found the answer.

So I guess I have the answer...the position has been filled and they didn't call me so I'm guessing it's not me.

And how do I feel?  A little disappointed and a little relieved.  I just hope my hubby still is okay with supporting me.  Hot lunches, laundry, ironing, a clean house and company on his days off is all I can do to make it up to him.  I think he is okay with it.

Five more days until holidays so I guess I'm still waiting!

Saturday, 6 February 2016

Fabulous February

This winter has flown by.  It could be that it has been so mild compared to the last few years and very few snowfalls.  It might me that we have kept busy with a little bit of traveling the mountains, to Stephen's and to Vancouver Island.  Perhaps, it is due to having a new home to settle into and me being able to walk outside without an escort.  For whatever the reason; it seems to me like winter just started and once February arrives it feels like it is almost over.
Of course, winter may throw a good storm at us still and that's okay because that is what living in Canada is all about.

Fabulous February also means vacation time!  Next week this time I will be getting ready to board the cruise ship to explore new places, experience new adventures and enjoy delicious meals.   Ahhh!

Fab Feb and Happy Cruising to me!