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Friday, 31 May 2013

It's Friday....ready for Part One of our Two Year Adventure (DL)

After a long week at work and Ron being away for a week of's Friday. Ron will be home in a few hours.  Yeah! 
Maybe not months at a time but at least weeks but if you count depot...months!
And then this weekend will begin Part 1 of our adventure which we will code name "DL".  Well I guess the adventure has already started with selling our house but now we actually are going to drive to our new location and see where will be living for the next two years.

We will be camping out in our new home for a few days to get the feel of things there.  I am anxious to meet the other "wife" at the detachment and see the house.  On our way we will stop in PA to have a visit with my sweet friend, Nelda and her Maple Leaf loving husband.

Yes, life is an adventure.  You either embrace it or dread it.  I've decided I am going to make the best of it and the best part is having an adventure with someone....glad it's Ron!

Happy Friday and I hope your weekend is adventurous too! 

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

What to do?

Grab my kobo, head for the deck with a new dessert that I made (I'll walk later) and an extra large cup of tea.

After a nice little snack and some reading time I closed my eyes and enjoyed the warmth only to be awaken by a phone call....I just won a cruise....again????

And now to count down the days until hubby returns from, once again, another week of training.  I must be married to the smartest man ever.  He's always learning something new.

Hope you had a lazy kind of Sunday too.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Cruisin' with My Man!

There are lots of kinds of holidays and all of them can be good.  We have enjoyed our cottage times, our motorcycle trips, family get-togethers but there is nothing quite like cruising.  Since I don't have a lot of pictures :( I thought I would share the ones that I have along with the memories.

May 7th - leaving on our trip

May 10th - Skagway - We did the coach bus/train ride into the Yukon, Fraser, B.C. and back to Skagway.  Most spectacular scenery with the breath taking view through the mountains.
May 11th - Juneau - Whale watching and we saw lots.  I would definitely do that again.
May 12th - Ketchikan - we walked lots and took a bus to see the Totem Poles.  Rainy day!

Mother's Day on the cruise - a carnation from the cruise lines.

A floating hotel.

I may not have the pictures from my camera but have lots of wonderful memories.

Saturday, 18 May 2013


How do you look at life?  Is your glass half full or half empty?

I just had one of those very "real" moments of looking at life in that perspective.  We had just finished our 30th Anniversary cruise to Alaska and took the day to sightsee in Seattle, Washington before our flight home.  We went to the Space Needle and enjoyed the view and the warm sunny day.  We got on the bus smiling, talking and enjoying the tour when I had that terrible feeling as I searched frantically for my camera.  I had forgotten it on the bench where we were sitting.  I choked back tears...thinking about the beautiful pictures of icebergs, whales, glaciers, snowy mountains, and so many more.  When the bus stopped Ron told our bus driver/tour guide our problem.  He dropped the rest of the group off and decided to take us back to try and find it.  Another lady needed to be dropped off somewhere as well.  This wonderful lady was very compassionate to us.  She said that she understood losing pictures as she had lost all of them when Hurricane Katrina flooded and destroyed her home.  She lost everything.  This courageous and strong woman rebuilt and held on to her memories. 

We didn't find the camera and my stomach was sick.  I couldn't eat.  I spent the next little while in tears.  A whole week of pictures gone.  I blamed myself.  I was ruining the day.  I had wrecked our vacation.

And then.....
I realized my glass was half full.  Yes, I wish that I had my camera and the wonderful pictures but:
  • I had a good vacation in Alaska and had all the memories and mementos
  • I spent the time with my great husband of 30 years and we would have other vacations
  • I bought pictures on the cruise of Ron and I
  • I had not lost any personal documents or credit cards
  • We were going home healthy and together.
Ron and I at the space in hand for the last time but husband at my side!  I think my life is more than half full!

Friday, 3 May 2013

30 years...really?

I think we are ready.  It's hard to really know for sure.  I've packed and repacked about 3 times and have weighed the suitcases a few times...yup, just under 50 pounds.

The countdown is over.  It's time for holidays...a few days visiting with our son and then a week long cruise to Alaska.  Can't wait to see it in person.  I'm thinking my word for the week will be ....SPECTACULAR!

And the reason that we are going....

It's our 30th anniversary.  It's hard to believe.  Sometimes it seems like just yesterday and other times it seems like it has been forever.  I can't imagine my life any different.  I made the best decision of my life 30 years ago on May 14th....AND RON DID TOO!

P.S.:   To be continued with pictures from the great white north!