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Friday, 31 May 2013

It's Friday....ready for Part One of our Two Year Adventure (DL)

After a long week at work and Ron being away for a week of's Friday. Ron will be home in a few hours.  Yeah! 
Maybe not months at a time but at least weeks but if you count depot...months!
And then this weekend will begin Part 1 of our adventure which we will code name "DL".  Well I guess the adventure has already started with selling our house but now we actually are going to drive to our new location and see where will be living for the next two years.

We will be camping out in our new home for a few days to get the feel of things there.  I am anxious to meet the other "wife" at the detachment and see the house.  On our way we will stop in PA to have a visit with my sweet friend, Nelda and her Maple Leaf loving husband.

Yes, life is an adventure.  You either embrace it or dread it.  I've decided I am going to make the best of it and the best part is having an adventure with someone....glad it's Ron!

Happy Friday and I hope your weekend is adventurous too! 


Catherine said...

Hope you are enjoying your trip! I look forward to our tea on Thursday. It's been too long! And I owe you a tea still! :)
xo Catherine

Katy Noelle said...

Hello, Penny!! =)

Best wishes with your adventures... =O

(especially with the 'Mary' lessons! ;))


Katy Noelle said...

Whoops! Meant to put a smile in there somewhere. (Smiley addiction, here - erp! =/ ;) =))