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Saturday, 18 May 2013


How do you look at life?  Is your glass half full or half empty?

I just had one of those very "real" moments of looking at life in that perspective.  We had just finished our 30th Anniversary cruise to Alaska and took the day to sightsee in Seattle, Washington before our flight home.  We went to the Space Needle and enjoyed the view and the warm sunny day.  We got on the bus smiling, talking and enjoying the tour when I had that terrible feeling as I searched frantically for my camera.  I had forgotten it on the bench where we were sitting.  I choked back tears...thinking about the beautiful pictures of icebergs, whales, glaciers, snowy mountains, and so many more.  When the bus stopped Ron told our bus driver/tour guide our problem.  He dropped the rest of the group off and decided to take us back to try and find it.  Another lady needed to be dropped off somewhere as well.  This wonderful lady was very compassionate to us.  She said that she understood losing pictures as she had lost all of them when Hurricane Katrina flooded and destroyed her home.  She lost everything.  This courageous and strong woman rebuilt and held on to her memories. 

We didn't find the camera and my stomach was sick.  I couldn't eat.  I spent the next little while in tears.  A whole week of pictures gone.  I blamed myself.  I was ruining the day.  I had wrecked our vacation.

And then.....
I realized my glass was half full.  Yes, I wish that I had my camera and the wonderful pictures but:
  • I had a good vacation in Alaska and had all the memories and mementos
  • I spent the time with my great husband of 30 years and we would have other vacations
  • I bought pictures on the cruise of Ron and I
  • I had not lost any personal documents or credit cards
  • We were going home healthy and together.
Ron and I at the space in hand for the last time but husband at my side!  I think my life is more than half full!

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Catherine said...

It's hard not to get caught up in our own self-pity but I guess we are human aren't we?

Hopefully your camera will show up some how some way.

Hope you are having a happy weekend!
xo Catherine