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Sunday, 26 May 2013

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

What to do?

Grab my kobo, head for the deck with a new dessert that I made (I'll walk later) and an extra large cup of tea.

After a nice little snack and some reading time I closed my eyes and enjoyed the warmth only to be awaken by a phone call....I just won a cruise....again????

And now to count down the days until hubby returns from, once again, another week of training.  I must be married to the smartest man ever.  He's always learning something new.

Hope you had a lazy kind of Sunday too.


Catherine said...

Hey...what is that yummy looking dessert?? I worked in the garden for two hours this morning plus went for 1/2 hour walk but I did get a little relaxing in! And I ate some M & M Chocolate Covered Pretzels. 7 points. LOL!

No walk for tea for me tomorrow. Interviews. :(

xo Catherine

Penny said...

Totally Dislike this comment....tea is the only reason that keeps me going to work these days. Did I just say that to the People Division?