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Tuesday, 14 May 2019

36 Years...what?

Thirty six years ago today, I married my best friend.  We were just two young kids with no idea what was ahead of us.
Let's look at what happened to these two young kids.  Ron held the following jobs:
  • Breakfast Manager at McDonalds
  • Real Estate Agent
  • Assistant Pastor in Gananoque, Ontario
  • Senior Pastor in Sharbot Lake, Ontario
  • Senior Pastor in Frankford, Ontario
  • RCMP Constable in Swift Current and Deschambault Lake, Saskatchewan
  • RCMP Constable in Three Hills, Alberta
  • RCMP Corporal in Pincher Creek, Alberta
I've worked for:  Empire Life, Liberty Mutual, Limestone District School Board, Hastings & Prince Edward Board of Education, Innovation Credit Union and Prairie College.
We have added to our family two wonderful kids and 5 grandchildren. 
Our life has been exciting.  We continue to hike, bike and enjoy the ride.

36 has been an adventure and it continues to be.  There is no one else I'd rather be spending my life with.

Monday, 13 May 2019

Way Overdue!

I've planned a number of times to get back to Three Hills but something always seem to come up.  The one time I went back for work, Andrew and Brianne were in Ontario SO finally, I just made it happen.  We were so excited to see Andrew and Brianne and get to know Elliott and Sawyer.  Ron connected with the boys right away.
They were just so sweet.  Lots of smiles and laughs.  We had nice weather so we got to walk take the boys for walks.

We had some great meal with Andrew and Brianne but the real excitement was when the boys got their meals.

Ace even got excited because food was usually flying. We have always enjoyed our time with Andrew and Brianne (our Alberta kids) but the excitement is just a little more now with these two sweet boys.

The RCMP have taken us from Ontario to the west and along the way we have grown our family.  Our visit back to Three Hills was way overdue but we were so glad that we finally made it work.  We went to the detachment to see everybody and I stopped at the college to have a little visit and even got to see two of the team that travelled last year.  Our visit wouldn't have been complete though without pulling out the Catan board and so both nights that we were there, we had game nights.
It was a great visit!  From there, we went to see our son and it was a little overdue to meet his new girlfriend.  We had a nice walk down to the river and let the dogs play in the water and then enjoyed a barbeque salmon dinner, followed by a backyard fire.

It was so wonderful seeing our son so happy.  He has had such a horrible year and it was a little overdue seeing him happy with his new beautiful friend and, of course, his dogs!

Monday, 6 May 2019


A week ago Sunday I waited anxiously for my sister and her husband to arrive.  It's so great when family comes to visit.  They arrived just after a big storm passed out of the area. 
I put my culinary skills to work and had a ham dinner and cheese cake waiting for them.

The next morning, we had coffee/tea and cinnamon buns to start our day. The morning was spent around the pool table and visiting in the living room.  After a quiche lunch, I acted as tour guide.  It's quite a beautiful place so it was fun to show them around. We stopped where the prairies meet the mountains.

We drove into Waterton and looked for animals but only saw elk at a distance and a few deer.  The bears were still hiding although we were told at the gate that "they were up."

The views didn't disappoint though.

After we finish sightseeing, we headed back home.  We had a barbeque chicken dinner and played some pool.
It was wonderful having Carol and Mike with us for a few days.  After a good breakfast, they were off to Edmonton.

The next day Ron and I went for a walk around Allison.  This was were we had been skiing.

We discovered that we weren't alone in the woods.  We were thankful that we only saw the evidence of him and not see the actual grizzly.
On our drive home, we saw a whole herd of elk and they crossed the road right in front of us.
Ron has been back to work and I have been doing a little catch up for the college and some dog walking at the SPCA.  It was a bittersweet moment this afternoon when my pal, Rex went to his forever home.
We are looking forward to a nice little break in a few days and can't wait to go and spend time with these little guys.  We love visits and visiting.
Aren't they cute!  Can't wait to hold these guys.

Saturday, 27 April 2019


This month has flown by.  It has been super busy and I haven't had too much time to update my blog.  It started at the beginning of the month with a visit from good friends from Ontario.
When the Heney's come, the instruments come out.
Ron and Jim have been playing together for close to 30 years.  We have raised out kids together and now they are sharing their grandkids when they come to visit.
The next week, we headed to meet our new grand dog. 
Tanker is getting use to his new little but much taller brother and Beemer seems to love having a forever home.
The next day we went for a hike and he seemed to enjoy the adventure.

On our way back through Calgary, Ron bought a new bike which he had done lots of research on.  He took it the Crowsnest for a test drive.
This month I started a new experience.  I am volunteering at the SPCA walking dogs.  It's been fun getting to know the different dogs.

Easter weekend brought our boy and his dogs to the house.  It didn't take long for Beemer to make our home feel like his.
He's a pretty boy.  This month has also been busy with my job.  The students from the college have been travelling and they arrived back in Calgary this week with lots of excited family waiting.
Back home, our house is in the process of being painted but it might be on hold for a few days due to a winter storm warning.
We missed Ron's mom's 80th birthday party in Ontario
but my sister and her husband from Vancouver Island are on their way here as I type.  It will fun to have a few days with them as long as this storm doesn't slow them up to much.

May should be slower and hopefully warmer.

Saturday, 30 March 2019

Out Like a Lamb

March came in with a blast of snow.  It came in fierce but over the weeks it has tamed.  The snow has disappeared from the lawns and it is no longer good enough in the mountains to ski so on Ron's four days off we decided to go for a drive.  We found a road that didn't allow winter travel and so we walked.
The scenery was beautiful and it was quiet.  We walked for 10 kilometres and were rewarded with seeing a mama moose with her calf.  They were too far away to get a picture but so exciting to see.
The next day we drove to Waterton and decided to hike up to Bertha Falls.  It was a great day and we found snow along the way.
Thankfully we had remember our walking poles to help us along some snow covered ledges.
Even though it was a windy day, we were quite sheltered along the path.
It was so nice to be out hiking again.  This was my third time on this one but I don't think you could ever tire of the scenery.
The creek was running fast with lots of snow surrounding it.
Ron was patient with me as I walked slow taking in the views and stopping often to take pictures.
 It was a year ago this day that Jenn had flown to Alberta to be with me during my thyroid cancer surgery.  I felt blessed to have a year behind me and to be able to do this beautiful walk.
We made it to the falls and pictures don't do it justice of how pretty it was with the water, snow and ice mixed together.
After a few pictures, we made our way back, never tiring of the scenery.
Last night I ran out the door at sunset to grab a few pictures of the sunset over the mountains.  It's hard for me to believe that I live where I can see this everyday.
I walked up the hill by our house to take a few more pictures and continued until my phone battery died.
So March 2019 came in like a lion and out like a pussy cat.  It's amazing how fast the months go by and I am striving to enjoy every moment of every month as time seems to go by so quickly.  So when that beautiful sunset is out my door then so am I.