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Saturday, 16 August 2014

Four More Sleeps

Usually when it is time to go "home" to Ontario I can hardly wait.  Usually I have things packed with time to spare.  Usually I am looking forward to seeing my grandchildren.
....but this time it is different.  This time we will be flying back to Ontario to take back our two summer guests.

I know that come September my house will be cleaner.  I won't have to watch Snow White or Dora.  I will only have one bed to make and less laundry to do.  My dishes will take less time to do because I won't have two little girls eager to help.  The pool and tent in the backyard will be put away.  The homemade play dough will be thrown out.  The kids craft table will turn back into my scrap booking centre.  I will catch up on all the shows stored on the PVR.

And I am afraid that I will be struggling with just a little bit of depression.  The house will be too quiet, too clean and too lonely.

Oh, but let us look at the was an amazing summer.
Sarah took a "selfie" of her and Emma

Yes, I will cherish the memories and enjoy the few days that we have left here.  We will have fun travelling and then a week at home to enjoy family and friends and to see the other two munchkins that we didn't have for the summer.

And then come September...friends expect phone calls, make sure you play your scrabble games and I will be happy to FaceTime or Skype to have contact with the outside world.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Another Special Birthday

Ron's birthday was yesterday.  We packed a lunch and loaded the canoe for an afternoon on the lake.  The girls were pretty tired from a full day in Flin Flon the day before but they wanted one more day of canoeing and swimming.  We found a "perfect rock" and set up for our picnic lunch.  The birthday boy took turns taking Sarah and Emma out to let them paddle.  The exciting part was watching the girls more comfortable in the water.  When they first got here they were very nervous but yesterday
Sarah swam by herself with the aid of her life jacket.  She was pretty proud of herself and we were very proud of her.  On the way back Emma fell asleep in the front of the canoe.

For supper we had Ron's choice of a meal: steak, stuffed baked potatoes, corn and mandarin cake.
No fancy restaurant, no big gifts, no big party but Ron said he enjoyed the day thanks to two little girls, a great day on the lake and a mandarin cake.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Turning Five

Our oldest granddaughter turned five today.  It was great watching her excitement over the past weeks counting down how many sleeps until her birthday and then seeing her this morning when the day finally arrived.
We had the day planned.  First we started out with the breakfast of her choice.  Next on the list was to make cupcakes and she got to decorate them.
Next came lunch which included cupcakes for dessert. 
Through the day there were phone calls and FaceTime greetings and even birthday wishes on Facebook for this special five year old.  Of course there were a few gifts to open.
Supper was the birthday girl's choice ...shepherd's pie and cake.
And Junior Dan stopped in for birthday cake which was the perfect end to a great day.
I am so thankful for this summer and having this time with these two precious girls.  They keep me busy but they sure keep me smiling. Tonight when Sarah was saying her bedtime prayers she said:
"Dear God, thanks for such a good day.  Keep Grandpa safe at work.  Help Nanny to feel better (I was pretty tired) and help Emma and Sarah, that's me, have a good sleep.  Amen"

Now if that doesn't make you smile....Happy Birthday Sarah!