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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Another Special Birthday

Ron's birthday was yesterday.  We packed a lunch and loaded the canoe for an afternoon on the lake.  The girls were pretty tired from a full day in Flin Flon the day before but they wanted one more day of canoeing and swimming.  We found a "perfect rock" and set up for our picnic lunch.  The birthday boy took turns taking Sarah and Emma out to let them paddle.  The exciting part was watching the girls more comfortable in the water.  When they first got here they were very nervous but yesterday
Sarah swam by herself with the aid of her life jacket.  She was pretty proud of herself and we were very proud of her.  On the way back Emma fell asleep in the front of the canoe.

For supper we had Ron's choice of a meal: steak, stuffed baked potatoes, corn and mandarin cake.
No fancy restaurant, no big gifts, no big party but Ron said he enjoyed the day thanks to two little girls, a great day on the lake and a mandarin cake.

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