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Sunday, 30 March 2014

A Spring Activity?

So spring arrived last week and I said that we needed to find some spring activities and this is what happened.
There was a big fishing derby and Ron had to make a trip out to the central location so I decided to tag along.  Of course, I brought a camera.
On many of our motorcycle trips I would snap pictures from behind Ron but I soon realized that this was not a motorcycle.  After one picture I put the camera away and held on with both hands.  We had to go 12 kilometers across the lake.  What?  12 kilometers on the frozen lake!  It was kind of was like a little village way out here.  There was a weighing station, a food tent, a washroom and a parking lot full of vehicles.

And even a police force!
Just a little secret....there are only two things that I personally don't like about ice fishing and that would be being on the ice and the fishing part.  I figure if you have to be on the lake it would be better to be a lot warmer and in a canoe.
Okay so still looking for that spring activity...I don't think this is it!

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Jennifer's Children's Shoppe

Our daughter, Jenn has four beautiful children which means that we have four amazing grandchildren.  From the time that Jenn was a little girl she wanted to have her own little house.  I remember when she would look across the road when we lived in Frankford and would see the little white house and say that she wanted to live there.  When Ron and I were on a motorcycle trip a couple of years ago I snapped this pictures as we drove by thinking of Jenn.
Our first little granddaughter came five years ago this August.  Sarah is a beautiful little girl that warms everyone's heart.  She is in junior kindergarten and seems to love the learning environment. 
She has a great imagination and has lots of energy.  The other night when we were skyping she helped me make supper, set the table and even asked for a bite.  From the time that she learned how to walk she would ask everyone if they wanted to go for "a little walk."  We get along great because we both liked our timmy's.
Along with her energy she has a little spunk and she loves to tease and knows how to do it well.  She can be a little bossy, but then again isn't that what all big sisters do best. 
Her favourite colour is purple and she loves jewellery and nail polish.  Sarah remembers us the best and is quick to correct her younger sister on what to call us.  Speaking of younger sisters...that brings us to Emma.
Emma was born two years and one month after Sarah.  Emma shares Sarah's blonde hair and blue eyes but her personality is quite a bit different.  Emma studies people a long time before she lets them into her circle.  She loves to follow Sarah around but she will not be bossed around.  She likes girly things and loves to be on the go all of the time.  She has a sparkle in her eye and she is usually up to something.
She doesn't seem to be afraid of anything but she will definitely study things before she takes the leap into doing it.  She likes to be active as well and reading can get a little boring so she may need to text someone at the same time.  The other day I got a phone call from Emma and heard her mother in the background asking for her phone. 
She was not the baby of the family long because a year later she became the big sister to Jacob.
Jacob is just sweet and is another blonde hair, blue eyed baby.  I haven't learned a lot about his personality but when we were home last he loved to cuddle.
Since then he has learned to walk and talk and laugh lots and he has also learned to be a big brother to Abigail who was born last week.
Now Sarah, Emma and Jacob all have a baby sister to look after and love who happens to have blonde hair and blue eyes as well.

And Jenn has a full house or should I say Jenn has a full children's shop.

Sarah (4), Abigail (3 days), Emma (2), Jacob (1)
Oh and did I mention that I get to see them all in 3 1/2 weeks so lots of cuddles are on the agenda.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014


Are you good at it?  Sometimes waiting can be okay if you have lots to do while you are waiting but sometimes waiting is just hard.

So today I waited....
  • a little school work
  • some meal preparations
  • lots of texts
  • a few phone calls
  • pacing
  • knitting
  • colouring my hair (oops, I didn't notice the caramel colour...oh, well a little red is okay)
  • some tv
  • lots more texts and phone calls
  • a few cups of tea
And then I got the text and then talked to my daughter.  I am a Nanny again!

Introducing  Miss Abigail:

Abigail Jennifer Aileen Davison
born March 19 at 11:29 pm
weighing 7 pounds 8 ounces!
Now I have to wait to meet her....come on seat sale!

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Last Winter Hurrah!

Spring is coming this week but so far it only looks like that on the calendar.  So last weekend we decided to have a final winter excursion and the best way to do that is to have lots of snow, good weather and great friends to share it with.

Bruce, Lynne and Brad from Swift Current arrived on Thursday night and we were excited.  They were our first "out of town" guests that have come to visit us.  We enjoyed catching up and then in the morning, after a tour of the area, we left for Flin Flon.

We arrived at Baker's Narrows, a lovely resort owned by Lynne's relatives and we checked into a cabin.
You learn a lot about people when you stay in a cabin together and even more when you are around their relatives.  Who knew that Lynne was actually called Spinny???  I was wondering if this was because she hardly ever sits down.  I guess it is more flattering than the Tasmanian devil but I think the Energizer Bunny could work as well.

Other things that you cheese can't be too squishy or it is not edible and some people actually call their children after bathroom fixtures????

We went into the Flin Flon Ski Club to ski for the afternoon.  We tried a new route and while the rest of them attempted the hill I chose to turn around and find a safer way down the hill.
After supper at the cabin Lynne and I decided to check out the campgrounds across the road with our snow shoes.  It was a beautiful evening and the snow was really deep!

The next day we woke up to more sun and cool winter air.  We cross country skied on groomed trails through the woods. 
We had two problems.  1)  Lynne had the map and 2) We followed her. 

Would you be afraid if you saw these two in the woods?

By this point Ron was encouraging me with his pocket full of sweedish berries; after all it was only a two hour trek through the woods.
I quickly fell into last place and enjoyed going down gentle hills (always being warned about the hill after the three went before me).  Only once did I run into an obstacle on the hill...sorry Spinny!
Finally I made the break away from the pack.  While Lynne was making a snow angel and Bruce was waiting to help her get up I set off.  Nearing the finish line Ron broke ahead of me but I got the silver medal.
Okay, so now I am exhausted and thinking tea and an afternoon rest...not Spinny!  She wants to go cross country skiing again.  I was strong though and did not cave in to her.  Thanks Bruce for taking her out of the cabin so we could rest.  Bruce and Lynne then skied behind the snowmobile while Brad took them down the lake and back.  They would have let go sooner but their hands were frozen to the rope and Brad thought they were having fun because of the frozen smiles on their faces.  Sure glad I was having a nice nap.

In the evening we enjoyed a delicious roast beef dinner courtesy of Lynne's Uncle Rod. 
One more night at the cabin, church in the morning and then we said our goodbyes.  It was a great way to spend the last weekend of winter.  Now, to plan some spring activities which may look a lot like the winter activities for awhile since we still have three feet of snow.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Is it Christmas?

You know that feeling?

Maybe it was when you were little and waiting to hear a noise out in the kitchen on Christmas morning to signal that it was indeed time to get up.
Or maybe it is that expectation of 5:00 p.m. to arrive and holidays begin.

Or it could be that you finally have company coming!

Yup, that's me!

We are now in our 9th month of our posting and we have had a great time visiting with the other members.  We have had meals, visits and lots of games together and it has all been good. we are actually having people from the outside....FRIENDS coming for the weekend.

I'm so excited!  One more sleep!

Sunday, 9 March 2014

It's Sunday!

My life has so changed over the past five years.  It use to be that every Sunday we would wake up for a full day of activity.  I was usually teaching Sunday School and then Ron would lead in worship and preach.  We would go home for the afternoon and then back to church for pre-service prayer, the evening service and sometimes a fellowship time following.

Ron with the Junior Church kids....always one of his favourite times.  He use to learn so much!
Ron with the Frankford Friends

Now...Sunday comes and I know because I cross of the days on the calendar in the morning and I see that it is Sunday.  Instead of heading to church Ron is usually working or sleeping (from working nights) and I make my own service time.  Thankfully the church in Swift Current records their services and I can enjoy Pastor Paul's preaching from my own home.  It's not quite the same.  I miss the fellowship but I am glad that this is available.

On the Sundays that we can go to church we drive 1 1/2 hours to get there and now with the time change we will have to leave at 7:30 a.m. but it is always worth it.

So I better go and get to my church.  I bet I missed the offering again!

"I rejoiced with those who said to me,    Let us go to the house of the Lord.” 
Psalm 122:1

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Day 7 - A Day At Sea

So Saturday was another full day to relax and reflect on our trip of islands.  We purchased some pictures, watched a movie, read, relaxed and ate of course.  It was a great week and we knew that we would need all the relaxing we could to get us through our next day.
Sunday we arrived early in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  We were with the first groups to leave the ship due to our early flight.  We left to go to the airport at 7:30 a.m. and flew from Puerto Rico to Miami at 11:30 a.m.  We had a couple of hours to walk around the airport and we managed to catch the last five minutes of the gold medal men's hockey game.  Go Canada!

We left Miami and flew across the states to Las Vegas.  This was about two hours out of our way and we had a few hours to put in here.  The airport here was huge and we had to take a shuttle train to another terminal.  We were both getting pretty tired by now and we still had a ways to go.

We finally boarded and arrived in Saskatoon at 2:30 a.m.  By this time I was so confused with time changes and just knew that I was tired and it was extremely cold in Saskatoon... a -40 C cold.  So, we stood in line waiting for a taxi to get to our hotel with our spring jackets and summer pants on.  We settled into the hotel at 3:00 a.m.  Four hours later we both woke up and decided to keep moving.  We got our groceries at Costco, travelled home through Prince Albert where we had lunch and arrived at our house at supper time.  So after two days of travel we made it home and I can tell you home looked really good.

It was so cold all week and so I stayed inside where I did school work, baking, knitting, exercising, cleaning and laundry.  I did not step outside the door for over a week but then yesterday, on Ron's day, off we headed to Flin Flon.  The temperature is rising and we had a wonderful day skiing and breathing in the fresh air and not shivering. 

So there you have it.  I have totally caught you up to where I am and what I have done.  Oh, and I have been browsing cruise webpages....just looking.

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Day 6 - Curaçao

Curaçao is an island about 40 miles north of Venezuela and is part of the Dutch Caribbean.  It was another warm day and we set off from the cruise ship with the intent of walking to see the sights. 


The Queen Emma pontoon bridge connects pedestrians between two districts.  It swings open to allow ships through.  It was pretty interesting watching it open and close.  It was super hot walking.

After walking through the colourful downtown area and seeing a huge fish and fruit market we decided to find a beach.  We took a bus which was actually a van to the beach that the driver recommended.

This beach was pretty fancy and a little more expensive than the other beaches that we went to.  It cost us each $3.75 just to walk on the beach and then we could choose where we want to land and it would cost either $3.00 a chair or $9.00 for a little more of a shelter.  I chose a nice sugary snack, Ron snorkelled and I swam and we relaxed for the afternoon.
After another wonderful warm day and another great beach we made our way back to the ship to get ready for formal night.  By the way we took a taxi back to the main area which looked a lot like the bus that we had taken to the beach but they wanted us to make sure that there was a big difference.
Throughout a week of cruising there is usually at least one formal night where you are asked to dress up for dinner.  This cruise had two nights and everywhere you go on these nights you are confronted with photographers.  We decided  that since we were all dressed up we might as well smile for the camera.

It was kind of funny having the photographer telling us what to do.  I think it produced better smiles because it was making us laugh.

- hold hands
- put yours hands on his shoulders
- put your hand in your pocket
- turn, twist, etc.

Oh well, how many times do you get dressed up and have people want to take pictures of you.  Where was the red carpet?

We then found our way to the dining room without having to give any autographs where we joined our regular dinner partners.
 A couple from Puerto Rico and  Ohio and we had a few talks about the Olympics.
Nothing beats having great dinner partners, a wonderful husband to share a cruise with, delicious meals and a cabin attendant with a good sense of humour.