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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Last Winter Hurrah!

Spring is coming this week but so far it only looks like that on the calendar.  So last weekend we decided to have a final winter excursion and the best way to do that is to have lots of snow, good weather and great friends to share it with.

Bruce, Lynne and Brad from Swift Current arrived on Thursday night and we were excited.  They were our first "out of town" guests that have come to visit us.  We enjoyed catching up and then in the morning, after a tour of the area, we left for Flin Flon.

We arrived at Baker's Narrows, a lovely resort owned by Lynne's relatives and we checked into a cabin.
You learn a lot about people when you stay in a cabin together and even more when you are around their relatives.  Who knew that Lynne was actually called Spinny???  I was wondering if this was because she hardly ever sits down.  I guess it is more flattering than the Tasmanian devil but I think the Energizer Bunny could work as well.

Other things that you cheese can't be too squishy or it is not edible and some people actually call their children after bathroom fixtures????

We went into the Flin Flon Ski Club to ski for the afternoon.  We tried a new route and while the rest of them attempted the hill I chose to turn around and find a safer way down the hill.
After supper at the cabin Lynne and I decided to check out the campgrounds across the road with our snow shoes.  It was a beautiful evening and the snow was really deep!

The next day we woke up to more sun and cool winter air.  We cross country skied on groomed trails through the woods. 
We had two problems.  1)  Lynne had the map and 2) We followed her. 

Would you be afraid if you saw these two in the woods?

By this point Ron was encouraging me with his pocket full of sweedish berries; after all it was only a two hour trek through the woods.
I quickly fell into last place and enjoyed going down gentle hills (always being warned about the hill after the three went before me).  Only once did I run into an obstacle on the hill...sorry Spinny!
Finally I made the break away from the pack.  While Lynne was making a snow angel and Bruce was waiting to help her get up I set off.  Nearing the finish line Ron broke ahead of me but I got the silver medal.
Okay, so now I am exhausted and thinking tea and an afternoon rest...not Spinny!  She wants to go cross country skiing again.  I was strong though and did not cave in to her.  Thanks Bruce for taking her out of the cabin so we could rest.  Bruce and Lynne then skied behind the snowmobile while Brad took them down the lake and back.  They would have let go sooner but their hands were frozen to the rope and Brad thought they were having fun because of the frozen smiles on their faces.  Sure glad I was having a nice nap.

In the evening we enjoyed a delicious roast beef dinner courtesy of Lynne's Uncle Rod. 
One more night at the cabin, church in the morning and then we said our goodbyes.  It was a great way to spend the last weekend of winter.  Now, to plan some spring activities which may look a lot like the winter activities for awhile since we still have three feet of snow.

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Catherine said...

What a wonderful time you had! Wow - that is way too much snow I think. I'm so glad you had friends that came for a visit.

The snow is all gone from our front year and only a little left in our backyard. It's almost time to start walking through the park on our way to Tim's! :)

Have a good week my friend.
xo Catherine