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Sunday, 2 March 2014

Day 6 - Curaçao

Curaçao is an island about 40 miles north of Venezuela and is part of the Dutch Caribbean.  It was another warm day and we set off from the cruise ship with the intent of walking to see the sights. 


The Queen Emma pontoon bridge connects pedestrians between two districts.  It swings open to allow ships through.  It was pretty interesting watching it open and close.  It was super hot walking.

After walking through the colourful downtown area and seeing a huge fish and fruit market we decided to find a beach.  We took a bus which was actually a van to the beach that the driver recommended.

This beach was pretty fancy and a little more expensive than the other beaches that we went to.  It cost us each $3.75 just to walk on the beach and then we could choose where we want to land and it would cost either $3.00 a chair or $9.00 for a little more of a shelter.  I chose a nice sugary snack, Ron snorkelled and I swam and we relaxed for the afternoon.
After another wonderful warm day and another great beach we made our way back to the ship to get ready for formal night.  By the way we took a taxi back to the main area which looked a lot like the bus that we had taken to the beach but they wanted us to make sure that there was a big difference.
Throughout a week of cruising there is usually at least one formal night where you are asked to dress up for dinner.  This cruise had two nights and everywhere you go on these nights you are confronted with photographers.  We decided  that since we were all dressed up we might as well smile for the camera.

It was kind of funny having the photographer telling us what to do.  I think it produced better smiles because it was making us laugh.

- hold hands
- put yours hands on his shoulders
- put your hand in your pocket
- turn, twist, etc.

Oh well, how many times do you get dressed up and have people want to take pictures of you.  Where was the red carpet?

We then found our way to the dining room without having to give any autographs where we joined our regular dinner partners.
 A couple from Puerto Rico and  Ohio and we had a few talks about the Olympics.
Nothing beats having great dinner partners, a wonderful husband to share a cruise with, delicious meals and a cabin attendant with a good sense of humour. 

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Catherine said...

You two look so wonderful all dressed up!! I like your dress, very cute. I bet you are wishing you brought home some of that warm weather. Brrrrrr! That was a cold one wasn't it?

Keep warm Penny!
xo Catherine