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Saturday, 30 March 2019

Out Like a Lamb

March came in with a blast of snow.  It came in fierce but over the weeks it has tamed.  The snow has disappeared from the lawns and it is no longer good enough in the mountains to ski so on Ron's four days off we decided to go for a drive.  We found a road that didn't allow winter travel and so we walked.
The scenery was beautiful and it was quiet.  We walked for 10 kilometres and were rewarded with seeing a mama moose with her calf.  They were too far away to get a picture but so exciting to see.
The next day we drove to Waterton and decided to hike up to Bertha Falls.  It was a great day and we found snow along the way.
Thankfully we had remember our walking poles to help us along some snow covered ledges.
Even though it was a windy day, we were quite sheltered along the path.
It was so nice to be out hiking again.  This was my third time on this one but I don't think you could ever tire of the scenery.
The creek was running fast with lots of snow surrounding it.
Ron was patient with me as I walked slow taking in the views and stopping often to take pictures.
 It was a year ago this day that Jenn had flown to Alberta to be with me during my thyroid cancer surgery.  I felt blessed to have a year behind me and to be able to do this beautiful walk.
We made it to the falls and pictures don't do it justice of how pretty it was with the water, snow and ice mixed together.
After a few pictures, we made our way back, never tiring of the scenery.
Last night I ran out the door at sunset to grab a few pictures of the sunset over the mountains.  It's hard for me to believe that I live where I can see this everyday.
I walked up the hill by our house to take a few more pictures and continued until my phone battery died.
So March 2019 came in like a lion and out like a pussy cat.  It's amazing how fast the months go by and I am striving to enjoy every moment of every month as time seems to go by so quickly.  So when that beautiful sunset is out my door then so am I.

Thursday, 14 March 2019


When Ron joined the RCMP, my job has been to support and enjoy the ride.  When we arrived in Swift Current, I got a job at the credit union and was promoted after a couple of years.  It was a wonderful experience and I made some great friends and think fondly of my years working there.  Even when we transferred north, I worked for an extra year doing contract work.
Before we left Deschambault Lake, I had an interview for a job at another credit union in Three Hills.  That was my loser job.  It didn't last long and I thought that I had come to my retirement time but that was not to be.  The perfect position was posted at Prairie College.   With my experience as a school secretary and a pastor's wife it seemed to be a good fit to be an administrative assistant at a bible college.
I have worked at Prairie for the past three years....two onsite and one from Pincher Creek.  I enjoyed working there with so many teams travelling and once again made some great friends.  The job was getting harder to do from a distance and I decided to hand in my resignation effective at the end of the school year.
It was a hard decision but once done I begin to look for something in Pincher Creek.  An unlikely position came up....A Librarian Clerk at the Catholic School.  I applied and was granted an interview.  The interview went well but another more qualified person was granted the position.  More qualified.....I was quite relieved.  When the principal called to tell me she also advised me that an administrative position was advertised.  I applied, got an interview and got the call today that they were offering the position to me.
So exciting.  A bit of a familiar position with summers off and all close to home.  I'm looking forward to my new position.
I will find out more details in the weeks to come.  So once again, I will start a new job and I will retire again....later!

Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Our March Break...Working and Healing our Muscles!

March came into Alberta like a lion.  There was lots of snow and cold.

After a number of days of snow and temperatures of in the - 30's, nice weather arrived just when Ron had a few extra days off. 
We headed to Radium, B.C. and waited for our boy to arrive.  While we waited, we spent some time in the hot springs.
The next day, we all headed to Nipika to go cross country skiing.  The boys went on the north side where the views were better but along with the views were hills.  I was still recovering from a fall that affected my shoulder so I chose the gentle, south side.  After awhile, they came looking for me to make sure that I hadn't fallen again.
After we finished skiing, Ron and I walked to the hot springs from our chalet.

Ron had signed us up for our first therapeutic massages.  It was 45 minutes of good pain.

After a relaxing soak in the hot springs, we got back to the chalet and enjoyed a roast beef dinner in our room.  
The next morning, we went to Invermere to ski and skate on the White Way.
There were no hills here.  All the skiing was on the lake.

It was a beautiful day.  That night one of our DL (Deschambault Lake) boys came to visit.  It was so nice to have Dan and Tiffany check into another hotel in Radium and come in the evening to catch up.
The next morning, we went for and my boys.

We enjoyed seeing the wild life in the town.

We had such a great few days with our boy and Tanker.  We got lots of exercise and soaking times.  After hugging my boy goodbye, we headed towards home with Dan and Tiffany following us down the road.  We stopped at Fort Steele for a walk around.

We stopped for lunch in Fernie, checked out Franks Slide and then arrived in Pincher Creek.  What a treat to have Dan and Tiffany visit us at our home.  The Catan and Ticket to Ride boards came out.  We also played a couple of games of darts and when Tiffany and I called it a night, the guys played pool.
After a quiche and cinnamon bun breakfast, we explored Waterton.

They left Sunday afternoon.  Ron and I both started back to work on Monday morning.  Today, we went to physio.  When you play hard, you need to go to physio when you are our age.
 Even Tanker needs pampering when he runs hard.
"Our" March Break was a wonderful winter mini-vacation.  We got to spend time with our boy, exercise and relax a lot. 

Now the question....since March came in like a lion will it go out as a lamb?  The forecast looks that way.