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Friday, 22 May 2015

Enjoying The Moments

This week has been filled with relaxing and enjoying our boy being home with us for a little while.  It had been a year and a half since we had seen our Stephen and so we are trying to make up for lost time.  Ron and Stephen have gone canoeing a couple of times.  We've taken the dogs for walks to the lake and I have tried to cook lots of good meals.
He will be leaving Monday morning and normally I would be getting upset with that thought but in just over a month we will be moving and will only be one hour from each other.  That means more Stephen time and more animal time and lots more meals to make.

And before that month comes we have a trip to Ontario and will be bringing home Emma and Jacob to help us put in the time.  
After so many months of missing family I am feeling extremely blessed with family time that I am having and am looking forward to.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Mission Accomplished

Okay, we did it.  All conditions are off the house and effective July 3rd we will be home owners again.

So as Ron drove east again to Deschambault Lake I flew north to the Yukon where I was greeted by Stephen and his little fur family.  I hadn't seen Stephen in a year and a half and it was so good to finally be with him again.
The next day we set out for Skagway, Alaska were we saw spectacular views, humpback whales, sea lions and bears....just to name a few.

After a great day in Skagway we loaded the uhaul trailer and tried to have a good night's sleep.  The next day we began our trip south.  Through beautiful mountain roads with amazing views we climbed higher and higher and were very thankful that the vehicle pulled the trailer so well over steep roads and windy curves.  Our first night we found a beautiful little cabin along a lake and enjoyed a restful evening.

I must say I was a little concerned about traveling with two dogs and a cat but it was smooth sailing.  The dogs quietly slept in the back and the cat found many little nooks to crawl in and sleep.
We felt like we had really accomplished something when we arrived at Mile Zero for The Alaskan Highway.  

  After 13 hours of driving and very short stops we called it another day.  The next day we arrived in Calgary and unloaded Stephen's things.  After a good night's sleep we drove another long day to Deschambault Lake where a happy dad was waiting to see Stephen.
On our trip we saw lots of wildlife:
  • 7 whales, 4 harbour seals, lots of sea lions
  • 8 black bears and 1 grizzly
  • 3 porcupines
  • 1 mountain goat
  • 1 moose
  • 1 otter (in the middle of the road....I think he was a little lost)
  • 41 buffalo
  • a few little bunnies
  • 1 caribou
  • 3 coyotes
  • 2 swans and lots of ducks
  • 1 deer
  • 3 antelope
The road was also busy with lots of motor homes, transports (semis) and uhaul vehicles.  Lots of people were on the move and we were just part of the pack.

Now we are enjoying a few days of rest and relaxation before Stephen heads back to Calgary and we head off to Ontario.  I must admit I am enjoying having Stephen around and I even like his little fur family.

Saturday, 9 May 2015

Waiting Can Be Okay

Yesterday morning we went to the real estate agent and signed the paperwork to buy our new home.  We then had to wait for everything to be signed at the seller's end.  We could wait in the hotel room or we could go for a drive....
On the way we picked up our annual pass for the national parks.  

We stopped for a little snack in of my favourite places.

This is such a beautiful area and only a few hours from where we will be living...lovin' it!

Once we move in we will be taking reservations for any family and friends who want to come and visit!

Thursday, 7 May 2015

An Offer

Yesterday we spent the whole day looking in closets, through garages,checking out bedrooms, bathrooms, storage areas....trying to envision our furniture in different homes.  After returning to our hotel room we prioritized the listings, ruling out some and contemplating others.  We were both exhausted and fell asleep soundly....only to wake up a few hours later.  Ron rolled numbers around in his mind.  I considered which house felt like home.

This morning we made a decision and made our way to the real estate office to make an offer.  We all know that means more waiting and so we drove around the area to see the landscape, which is quite prairie.

You have to look really close to see the three hills but they are there.  We did drive west far enough to see the mountains in the distance.  We are looking forward to being that close to the Rockies.

Now we are just waiting for the phone to ring...will there be a counter offer?  Will we have a house?  Will we sleep tonight?

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

The Adventure Begins

Yesterday we arrived in Three Hills.  Ron and I had some time to put in before we could check into our hotel so we went for a nice walk.  It was so exciting walking on sidewalks beside paved roads.  The parks were so nice with spring flowers popping up in the gardens.  There were so many beautiful homes with manicured lawns.  Everyone we met seemed so friendly.  We were feeling confident that this was going to be a great place to live.

In the evening we viewed two homes that were for sale by owners and had a coffee break at the detachment with Ron's new partners.

This morning I started my day with an interview.  The interview went well and it will be interesting to see where that leads.  This afternoon we will meet with the real estate agent and do a marathon of house viewings.  

I can't wait to find that house that will become our new home!