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Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Halloween...It's a Strange Thing!

It's one of those very strange evenings.  We open our door to masked creatures.  Parents let their children take candy from strangers and adults dress up like strange beings.
It's weird just sitting here waiting for the door bell to ring.  It's getting dark and yet, still I open the door to people I don't know to give them candy that I could eat.
But the kids are all excited and happy and very polite when they receive another sugary item in their already full bags.  I just wish that I could open the door and find this little crew waiting.
They all dressed up for school and it looked like they enjoyed another Halloween.

And Jacob won Judges' Choice for his costume.  He should be out fighting crime tonight with his Grandpa and Uncle.
I think they had a productive evening acquiring enough sweets to keep their dentist in business for awhile.
So kids, brush your teeth and get to bed.  Another Halloween night is coming to a close and now the teachers get to have fun for the next couple of days with all the extra sugar in lunch bags.

Friday, 26 October 2018

Ups and Downs

It was finally happening.  We were expecting our first visitors to our home in Pincher Creek and I was definitely on a bit of high in expectation.
The food was prepared and the bed was ready.  The toys were pulled out and finally our boy arrived with his little fur family.  Bentley ran to get the toys and Tanker and Lilly settled in like they had been here many times before.

The pool table was kept busy with competitions with Ron being the winner for the event.  We went out for a walk on Sunday evening.

The dogs enjoyed the trails around our home especially when the deer showed themselves.  It was so fun to have them here with us but there was a low lingering in our minds.  Bentley had some signs of his cancer returning.
The next day we packed and went to Waterton to do a hike and there were lots of ups on that trail.

The day was gorgeous and the views were amazing.  The dogs enjoyed the deer running across the trail in front of them.
We walked to the falls and then had to turn around due to the path being covered with snow.  We went down to the lake where the dogs enjoyed the water.

We had our lunch along the shore and then made our trek back up the path.
It was a wonderful day and I was so happy to be able to have a few days with my boy and his family.
These dogs are pretty special to me and so when Stephen left on Tuesday morning for his trip to the vet I waited on pins and needles to hear their prognosis.  It was certainly a down moment and has been since we heard.  Our sweet Bentley's cancer has returned.  It's amazing how a dog like Bentley...who has destroyed a bannister, gotten into recycling, eaten our casserole, and so much more could work his way into your heart so completely.   He's a sweet boy and our hearts are so heavy..  This was the lowest of lows.
Bentley, our baby boy!

Friday, 12 October 2018

New House....New Home!

Our house has become a home.  We went from boxes to comfy rooms.  I thought I should do the big reveal....

When you walk into our home, one of the best features greet you.  The living room has a wonderful fireplace which I have already decorated for the fall and can't wait for the Christmas boughs to come out.
The kitchen is a good size with a great pantry.  The island has already been used for lots of prepping for apple desserts and bread making.
We purchased a new duvet cover to change the look of our bedroom and I quite like it.
Our extra bedrooms are set up and ready for any company that we might have....and there are three of our grandchildren that are planning on visiting us next summer!

Our downstairs came with already one piece of furniture which we have been putting to use quite a bit.
We have our tv area set up with our exercise equipment around the basement.

Ron is busy working and I have been sitting at my desk quite a bit too.
And I was relieved this week when all of our travelling students made it to their internship destination.

On our days off we have done a little more touring around and have seen the fall turn to a winter look.
Our one drive made was especially interesting when we were stopped by a big bull on the road.
A little further down the road, we had a true Alberta experience.  There was a cattle drive going on and real cowboys were herding the cattle with a modern twist....horses and cell phones.
We have been enjoying our time in Pincher Creek.  The mountain are always calling.
We are doing what we always do....making our place of residence our home!  Life is good when you are content and especially good when you get to go through new experiences with your best friend.