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Sunday, 12 July 2015

Settling In

It is always fun for me to see a house become a home.  Most of the boxes are unpacked.  Some pictures have been hung.  We are starting to remember where we put things.  There is still lots to do but its getting there.  So we have been able to take some breaks and enjoy Sarah a little more instead of putting her to work all the time.
First we had a visit from Uncle Stephen with his two dogs and an extra one that he was taking care of. That added a little excitement to a house of boxes but it sure was fun to have our boy close enough to come for a visit.  
Then of course there are forts to make while I try to clean up.  Someone has to work at messing up.

And with the weather being so hot you just have to take time for the pool.

We have been to many parks, including the splash park.  Yesterday we went to a parade to celebrate the flag.  A party followed at the park where Sarah bounced in the bouncy toys long enough to need an afternoon sleep.  

Yes, I would say we are getting settled.  Our neighbours have all introduced themselves.  We have had a phone call from an old friend that only lives one hour from us and a visit from friends from Ontario.  Our summer continues to look busy and I am excited.  Sarah always asks grandpa when he gets home from work, "are you still learning the routine?"  Well, I guess we are all learning the routine which means we are getting settled into our new life.

Saturday, 4 July 2015

A Happy Reunion

After a month with Nanny and Grandpa it was time for Emma and Jacob to fly home.  They had been such great visitors but they were super excited to see mom and be able to go on a plane again.  Their excitement mounted as they watched the plane land and  then the happy smiles began.
The kids were so thrilled to see and hug mommy.  The west jet employee really enjoyed their reunion.

And so for a few minutes three out four kids were together...chatting, sharing their adventure and doing lots of hugging.

But soon we had to say goodbye to Emma and Jacob but thankfully we were not left totally without grandchildren.  Sarah will be with us for the next five weeks.

Her only request was that she could have a little break before we put her to work since she had got up so early to travel here.  So yesterday we took it easy.  We got the keys to our new house and checked it out, stayed in a hotel and went to bed early.  Okay, she got the break but today our furniture arrives.  She is going to have pull her weight today.  She wants to tell the movers where to put things.  The only problem is she likes the master bedroom.  There may be a fight for that room!

Friday, 3 July 2015

We Made It!

Well most of the way anyway.   Moving trucks arrived on Monday.  The skies were smokey and the weather was warm.  Two guys got busy and spent the day packing up the house.  What would take me weeks to do they were able to accomplish in a day.

We checked into a little cabin at a fishing resort just down the road.  We were able to enjoy a smokey sunset.
The next day another mover showed up and the house was loaded up.  We felt sorry for the guys doing all the work because we could feel the effects of the heavy smoke and we were just watching them load the truck.

Finally we were out of there.  It was nice that some came to say goodbye to Ron and wish him well but we were anxious to leave the area and try and find fresh air to breath.  We drove as far as Prince Albert that night.  The hotel was full of people who had been evacuated.

The next day we drove all the way to Calgary and we were happy to have a visit with 
Stephen.  He sure can make the hotel room come alive.

Yesterday we want to the zoo (more about that another day) and today we say goodbye to Jacob and Emma and hello to Sarah...and oh yes, take possession of a house.