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Friday, 22 May 2015

Enjoying The Moments

This week has been filled with relaxing and enjoying our boy being home with us for a little while.  It had been a year and a half since we had seen our Stephen and so we are trying to make up for lost time.  Ron and Stephen have gone canoeing a couple of times.  We've taken the dogs for walks to the lake and I have tried to cook lots of good meals.
He will be leaving Monday morning and normally I would be getting upset with that thought but in just over a month we will be moving and will only be one hour from each other.  That means more Stephen time and more animal time and lots more meals to make.

And before that month comes we have a trip to Ontario and will be bringing home Emma and Jacob to help us put in the time.  
After so many months of missing family I am feeling extremely blessed with family time that I am having and am looking forward to.

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