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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Knitting, Studying, Packing & Hair Colour?

The last few days have been busy with finishing a report for my Training and Development class and preparing study notes for my exam.  This is an open book exam which is different then any other test I have done.  I write the exam tomorrow morning and hopefully it will go well.

Between assignments and studying I have been working on two bigger knitting projects.  I wanted to make an afghan for my mom and she picked her colours but then Miss Sarah (our oldest granddaughter) thought she should have one too and chose purple.  They are both done and ready to be packed.
So after the exam tomorrow I will start to think about what to pack for our little Ontario visit.  Two afghans and oh yes, Jenn wants her piano books.  I wonder if I will have room for any clothes?

Oh and one more thing....7G (Natural Dark Golden Blonde) or 119C (Dark Spice).  So many decisions.

1 comment:

Catherine said...

Hmmmm...I would go with the Dark Spice. I would worry about the 'golden' pulling out too much red - no? Too late? LOL!

Good luck on your exam! I know you will get a good grade.

Happy Easter my friend!

See you soon! :)

xo Catherine