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Saturday, 26 September 2015

Not So Fast

Well so I thought I was going into retirement again but not so fast.  On Friday, the manager and supervisor called me into the office.  They wanted to know if I would go casual.  It caused me to think....perhaps it wouldn't be so bad.   After some discussion they decided to go along with Ron's schedule as much as they could.  I couldn't refuse that.  So for all of October I have the same days off as Ron.  Next week I have two days off with him.  It's making me feel like I am a little more in control.  I am super thankful for a team at work that saw the potential in me before I could even imagine being successful there.  So I going to give it a try once again.

I had another birthday this week.  The time goes way to fast between them now.  Ron brought two dozen roses home for me.  He worked that night so we didn't do anything special but I did get to FaceTime with my wonderful friend, Catherine.  It has been a week of ups and downs.  I was alone for part of it, quit my job, had a wonderful dinner out with Howard and Hilda, was wished many birthday wishes, had cake at work, got a fresh start at work and now enjoying a restful weekend.  All I know is that time flies by way too fast and it is good to try and slow down and enjoy the great moments.  Looking forward to my days off with, I quit?  Not so fast!

And look what I just received.  Thanks Rachael!
I thought my birthday was over...not so fast.

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