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Monday, 7 September 2015

Another Proud Moment

My last entry talked about how proud we were of Jenn who completed her college course and achieved a diploma.  This weekend we had another proud moment as we drove to our son's new home.  Without any help from mom and dad he was able to purchase his first home.
Comfy and cozy is how I would describe his little nest.  It has three bedrooms and 2 and a half bathrooms...lots of room for mom and dad to come and visit.  The kitchen was just perfect to prepare some treats.
Chicken Parm...the boy's favourite
Banana Muffins
And his little family loves the space.

He didn't get sent to the corner...
but sometimes he should be!
Can you believe he use to be a wild dog?
Relaxing....but always keeping her eyes open...
dogs, dogs, dogs!
And in the evening when the work was done we enjoyed a game of Catan.  We use to play a lot with the boys up north but what a treat to have a game with Stephen.  Yes, a proud moment to see your son doing what he wants to do and living in such a nice home.  Good job boy!

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Catherine said...

Such a nice looking little nest - how wonderful! And all those four legged friends make it extra special.
xo Catherine