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Friday, 26 December 2014

All Done!

Christmas Day has come and gone again for another year.  As we read my journal we realized that so many things have changed.  Our family is spread out across Canada.  We don't have those wonderful family dinners any more.  Our memories, our love and our phone keeps us in touch with what we once had and hope to have in the future.  Jenn was busy with her growing family.  Stephen was working but managed to have a Christmas dinner with some new friends and we celebrated with Ron's two partners.  You learn to make the best of it because there is no sense in crying about something that you can't change.

As I sat here looking at the tree (which by the way will be up for at least one more week) I noticed that something that hasn't changed in 31 years.
One ornament that has been constant.  Ron and I have been together for every Christmas even when he was at Depot and we had tv Turkey dinners in the hotel room.
So now we wait to see where we will spend next Christmas.  Happy Boxing Day!

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