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Saturday, 6 December 2014

The Countdown is on...

The first week of -December is almost over.  This week brought a little more snow and lots of cold.  At the first of the week we bundled up and ventured outside in the minus thirty something to take advantage of our winter wonderland that surrounds us.

Down the hill, across the road, through the path and out onto the lake.

On our way back some of the local dogs scooted by us enjoying the sunshine.
When you are surrounded by snow you just have to enjoy it
After trying out the snow close to home we went to Flin Flon the next day for our weekly trip to load up on groceries.  We went for a loop around the Ski Club trails.  The snow wasn't quite as good but it was a pretty day.

To top off my week Jenn took her family for some Christmas pictures.  I love seeing their smiles.
So the first week of December comes to an end.  The lights are shining on the Christmas tree and Christmas carols play throughout the house.  My Christmas baking has filled trays and been delivered and are being enjoyed around our table.
I hope that you are enjoying your December....looking forward to week two as we head out for a mini-vacation.

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Catherine said...

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow my friend! But leave your snow there...we have our own. ;)
xo Catherine