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Wednesday, 27 April 2016

7 Years Later

Seven years ago today we celebrated Ron's graduation and I was happy to have my husband back after 6 very long months of training.

In some ways it seems like not that long ago and in other ways it has seemed like forever.  Lots of changes since then.  We first moved to Swift Current where we enjoyed 4 years there.  I had a great job.  We went to a wonderful church and made lots of special friends.

When we left there we went on a real adventure and spent the next two years in Deschambault Lake.  It was an experience that we are both thankful that we had.  Ron worked with a great bunch of guys that became like family to us.  We spent many dinners together.  All the special occasions were hosted at our house.  Catan was the game to play.
We also got back into cross country skiing and canoeing on Ron's days off.
The two years went by and it was time for another posting and here we are in Three Hills.  Again, Ron has a good bunch to work with and we have made some wonderful friends here already.
We have taken our annual cruises and enjoyed lots of new places to explore through the mountains.
Seven years...
  • 3 postings
  • lots of trips to Ontario
  • motorcycle trips to the mountains
  • canoe trips/cross country skiing in northern Saskatchewan
  • cruises
  • new friends
  • living closer to our son
  • 4 grandchildren
Still waiting for # 5....just in case you are wondering.

Happy Anniversary Troop 35! 
Now just to get through the next 7 years or so and hello retirement!

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Catherine said...

Time just goes by so darn quick doesn't it? But how wonderful to be creating so many lovely memories. Miss you friend!
xo Catherine