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Sunday, 19 January 2014

Home Alone

Nope, never liked being home alone.  My mom used to always enjoy the week that dad went hunting.  She figured it was girls' time.  We would go shopping (skip school to do that).  We would not make full meals and mom usually found time to visit with her sisters.

As for me.....hate, hate, hate being alone.  When Ron goes on training courses I make sure I have a full list of things to keep me busy and count down the time when he will be home.  So I have my list going:
  • laundry (there is always some of that)
  • clean the house (I'm not sure why, but dust is always here to keep me company)
  • exercise (elliptical, treadmill, Aerobics, Wii Zumba and Just Dance IV and of course the weighted hula hoop)
  • school work (started Training and Development)
  • contract work (lots of reading)
  • knitting while watching movies (Both Sound of Music movies previously recorded)
  • catch up with friends (maybe even a Skype date with Catherine....tea will be ready)
  • check up on my family (parents, children, grandchildren)
  • reading (just for fun)
  • scrapbooking (I need to get a circle journal done and sent)
  • game of Settlers of Catan (with real people but wish it was with Stephen & Rachael)
Well that should get me through a couple of days. 


SilverNeurotic said...
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Anonymous said...

I don't get the house to myself. My husband does, he gets two full days a week without me being around. When I get alone time I usually read or watch tv or clean.

Catherine said...

I like being home alone during the day, but not at night. You forgot to add 'tea date with friend' on your list of to do's. ;)

Looking forward to our chat tomorrow.

xo Catherine