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Thursday, 8 May 2014

Thursdays (2 weeks ago and today)

Well life was about to change in Ontario for us.  The grandchildren were going to be picked up but first we spent the morning enjoying their company.  It was time for Jacob to go and see Great Grandma and of course Sarah always seems to be the first in the vehicle.
Once Jenn and Joe came and picked up the kids it was way too quiet.  Ron and I went for a long walk and then we decided to go to Kingston.  We had a great visit with my cousin Roxane and her husband, Denis. 
Kingston is really a beautiful city and we seem to be in it a lot through this week.
When we got back to Mom and Dad's there was no little body to snuggle in between us and I certainly missed having them there but I had acquired a good cold and a good night's sleep was overdue.

AND TODAY....Ron is finishing his last day shift.  I was supposed to be working hard on my courses but I got a little/lot distracted.  We are going to have company coming for part of the summer! 
Sarah and Emma are coming to spend some quality time with Nanny and Grandpa!!!  We are excited!  While I was on the phone with WestJet setting up all of this I was emailing with our travel agent to finalize our cruise for next February.  I've been busy.

For my Get Fit Challenge I had to take a picture of a healthy meal that I ate today so here it is:
I'm not going to tell them that I am barbequing a hamburger for supper tonight.

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Catherine said...

How wonderful your grandbabies are coming for a visit! Fun! Hey - a BBQ burger is healthy! At least I think they are! Hmmm...we need a Skype date soon.
xo Catherine