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Monday, 5 May 2014

Easter Monday and Today

Two weeks ago was Easter Monday and Sarah wanted to dress up pretty so after her and I made buns for lunch and went to Walmart for a little bit of shopping she got fancy.  Sarah loves to dress up!

And then we waited for the guest of honour to arrive.  We hadn't met our newest granddaughter and she arrived in style!

Of course you can't give all the attention to the newest sweetheart so Great Nana and Great Papa spread some love on Emma and Jacob.

I apologize to all other grandparents.  I know that you think that you have the cutest grandchildren but I must admit I think mine are really the cutest!  Warning:  The next picture is known to melt hearts!
We had a nice surprise in the afternoon when an old school friend of Jenn's stopped in for a visit.  There are about 20 years differences in the next two pictures.
Jenn and Alicia have been friends since Jenn was in Jr. Kindergarten in Sharbot Lake.  Alicia is one year older and between them they ruled the school while we lived there.  They have continued to be friends through the years and it was great to see Alicia and her beautiful little baby girl.

We spent the day with Jenn & Joe at Mom and Dad's.  Ron visited with his mom and sister and then Ron, Debbie and I ventured to the park for a bit of play time.  When Jenn left for the evening she left 3 out 4 children with was bound to be an exciting few days!

AND TODAY....Ron is off to work again after we went for our early morning crisp walk.
I started a Summer Slim Down Challenge.  It is 28 days of exercise with additional challenges given each day to spur us on to losing weight.  The challenge for today is to drink water....I need to drink 40 oz of water today, exercise at least 25 minutes (did 52 minutes) and encourage the person who posted above me (done).
And I will continue to work on my school work.  All day I sit in the backroom reading, watching DVD's and working on assignments.  Today's goal is to figure out my personality style and Emotional Intelligence.
So time to get at it....or perhaps a cup of tea first!  I wish that counted as a glass of water.

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