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Sunday, 29 May 2016

A This and That Week

We just had a week that included a variety of activities.  Ron worked Monday night and then started a liquid diet on Tuesday in preparation for a colonoscopy on Wednesday.  I think he kind of enjoyed the drugs they gave him or we enjoyed watching him on them.  We were thankful that everything was good and very appreciative to have had our son chauffeur us around.

On Thursday Ron was feeling well enough for a hike.  We met up with our regular hiker companions and drove to Kananaskis in and out of rain.  I picked the hike this time and it was a first one for all of us.  Even though the forecast was for rain, the sun shone down on the trail for us.
This was a 13 km hike and that meant 6.5 of it was winding steadily up the mountain.  When the trees parted along the trail we knew that when we reached the top the view would be spectacular.

When we reached the summit, which was also the fire lookout, we took time to rest and have a little snack.

And celebrate that we had made it!

We then took a few moments to enjoy the view of the Kananaskis Lakes.

This was one hike that I forgot to bring my camera on but thankfully we were able to hire a photographer and so I must give credits to Rachael for these great pictures.

We started back down the trail which always proves to be much easier and faster.

On Friday, we got the rain but we were still able to help our son with some yard work.  We worked on his backyard while the dogs watched from inside.

But they did help to water the bushes after they were planted.

On Saturday, we were back home and decided to head out on the motorcycle for a ride around Drumheller.  You can always tell that you are in Drumheller by all the dinosaurs and the moon like landscape.

It might not be as beautiful as the mountains but it was a quiet road and close to home and a nice day.

We stopped for tea/coffee and then checked out the suspension bridge.

This is where we get our water from....kind of makes you feel like buying water!  We saw the hoodoos and stopped to look at the Atlas Gold Mine (from a distance).

We then took the 11 bridge road to the Ghost Town of Wayne.

The population once was 2490 and is now down to 33 with numbers that are easy to change.  When we arrived at the end of the road there was a "Last Chance Saloon" and a little store called "Bee's Knees & Confection."  We were surprised to see so many vehicles and people there.  We don't think any of them were ghosts.

As we headed for home we watched the sky to the west of us as it looked like there might be a storm on the way.
But then again, it could be miles and miles away because you can see so far when you are on the prairies.  Yes, it was a good week, jammed full of this and that.

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