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Thursday, 5 May 2016

Fort McMurray's Devestation

Most of Canada has been watching the devastating fires in northern Alberta.  We have been watching and remembering last year when the fires surrounded Deschambault Lake.  We had ashes drop on our deck and the air quality was very poor.  This year on the prairies, we are far from danger; but it did make our hearts turn to the thousands of people that have had to leave their homes.  They left not knowing what or if they will have anything to come home to.

We know two couples that live up there and were in churches that pastored around us in Frankford.  We quickly sent messages to them to make sure they were okay and offer our home if they could get here.  They had been evacuated.  The one couple was able to head south and found their way to family.
Their picture as they head south out of the city
 The other couple were sent north.  North of Fort Mac is a road to no where with a few oil communities.  They are currently there waiting for evacuation either by road or air.
Picture from Suncor where they are waiting for evacuation
It is unbelievable to watch the news and hear the reports of so many displaced and the fires still out of control.  It is wonderful when communities all across Alberta and Canada are offering help with this disaster.  It all became real for us yesterday when Ron got the call that he would be deployed to Fort Mac for at least two weeks.  So with a heavy heart I began to pack his things.
 For anyone that knows us ... we do not like to be away from each other and it is even harder when you know that he is going to a place where everyone else is fleeing.  But then...isn't that what police officers always do:  they run into situations to help when others are running away from danger.  They are called to serve.  In so many ways it is not so much different than pastoring.  He's still always reaching out to lend a helping hand.  (Of course, he can now give tickets to those who don't listen to rules.)

This morning as he packed to go we noticed that the sky looked a little funny especially after so many nice, warm sunny days.  When we stepped out we smelled the familiar smell from last year.  The winds have shifted and the south wind is blowing the smoke all the way to us.  We are over 6 hours south of the fires and yet this morning we can smell smoke.  I can only imagine what they will discover and see as they drive north. 
Please pray for Ron and his partner as they travel and pray that they will be able to help where needed and pray for their safety and oh yea, pray for the two of us that are left home wondering.

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