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Sunday, 8 May 2016

I Know It's Mother's Day but...

I just wanted to do another update on Ron.  He spent all day yesterday going door to door and walking around homes.  They, personally have not found anybody in their houses or any break ins.  However, they did find a kitten who had survived the fire and took it to the animal rescue.  I also found out via Facebook how he went an extra step in easing a friend's mind.
When I read this it just made me smile how technology and friendship can be miles apart but help us connect in times like these.

As the day began to come to a close Ron still didn't know where he would be sleeping.  Fortunately his clothes from his first night had found their way back to him.  Due to the fire, wind changes and heavy smoke plans continue to change.

Thursday night he was supposed to stay in Anzac but before they got their it had to be evacuated they were sent to Conklin.  On Friday evening the fire was too close to the highway south so they were not allowed to go south and were rerouted north to Noralton Lodge.  The smoke settled heavy in the air and they "slept" with their respirators on.  In the morning they were evacuated from there and went back to work in the city.  The smoke in the city hasn't been too heavy through the day but seems to roll in in the evening.  Finally at 10:35 last night I got a text that he was in Mariana at a work lodge.

He certainly is having full days and uncertain nights.  He sounds happy that he is up there helping out.  I was thrilled to see a post with people all across Canada thanking the first responders for all their hard work.  It somehow makes it easier having him away when I know so many appreciate their efforts. is Mother's Day.  My celebrations started yesterday when I got to talk to my daughter and grandchildren.  I even got to hear baby Anthony let out a little cry.  Last night Brianne brought me over a gift and stayed for tea.

Today I'm headed to church in the morning and then will go to my son's.  We will work together to make dinner.  I'm looking forward to it.

Happy Mother's Day!

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