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Saturday, 21 May 2016

Lending a Helping Hand ...or Basket!

This Spring my senses have been enjoying the sights, sounds and smells of Three Hills.  It was last year this month that we first came to shop for a house.  I can remember walking the streets with a smile on my face.  Now that I live here, a year later, I know what was making me smile.

The town reminds me a little bit of home with a lot of trees lining the streets.  The fragrance of blossoms make you take in a deep breath as you walk along and encourages you to go out for walks and bike rides.

And usually when I walk....I walk towards Anderson Park.  It is a beautiful little park with manicured trees, walkways, fountains with picnic tables and benches.  Somehow this little park draws me in.
This spring also brought a little extra joy.  A robin was trying, unsuccessfully, to build a nest.  Every time she would bring back a piece of grass it would drop to the porch.
I thought she might give up but she was persistent to continue in her efforts.  It just wasn't going to work so I thought I would see if she would take a little help. 

I searched the house and found a tiny little basket to put in the spot where she had picked for her home and before we knew it she was adding on and building a nest that any bird would envy.
She seemed to get use to Ron and I walking in and out of the house or me constantly checking out the window to see how she was doing. 
Yesterday I got excited as I watched her come back to the nest with "lunch" and sit on the edge leaning down to feed the little mouths that reached up to grab a bite.
So last night when Andrew & Brianne were coming over we made them use the garage door in order not to disturb the nursery located at the front door.
It's pretty exciting to watch new life and to think that we worked together to create that perfect nest for some baby robins.  It's funny how something so small can just make your day.  We will be watching out the window to see what happens next because we do have a birds eye view.

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