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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Different Kind of Weekend

On Thursday we were all kind of excited.  Dan, one of the members here, was expecting his parents. When somebody comes to visit one of our little northern family we all feel like we are having company.  They are from Nova Scotia and Dan brought them over in the evening for tea and leftover birthday cake.

On Friday morning the two Dans and Dan's parents came for coffee and cinnamon buns.  What a treat to visit with another lady.  For supper she invited us all over for a spaghetti dinner and then we roasted marshmallows over a campfire.  We were invited over the next evening for lasagna but plans changed.

On Saturday morning Ron responded to a call and came back with terrible back pain.  The pain was so intense that it caused extreme nausea.  He was so sick and I was extremely worried.  Here we are so far away from a hospital and family.  Thankfully the team here kicked in.  The nurse from the clinic came over and admistered and prescribed medication.  The boys checked on us and the sergeant called to tell me to get what ever help I needed.  We stayed close to home since Ron was not able to go anywhere.  

On Sunday we said goodbye to Dan's parents and Ron was still in too much pain to go anywhere.

On Monday morning we headed to Flin Flon to the nearest hospital...1.5 hours.  Ron handled the ride thanks to good pain killers.  I left him at the hospital and got our groceries since it had been ten days since our last shopping day.  This was my first time actually driving around Flin Flon.  I picked up Ron and we headed home.  He has a pulled muscle and needs to be off work for awhile.  I went to bed with a migraine...perhaps caused by stress????
Oh, and our new member moved in yesterday.  We don't have a dog but this is what we found in our backyard when we got home yesterday.  He has three dogs plus both Dans have a dog.

Tuesday, Ron woke up still in pain and spent most of the time sleeping due to the medication.  I was called into substitute teach and it was a good day for me.

So our weekend was a little different...good and then not so good.  

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Catherine said...

Oh poor guy! I hope he gets feeling better soon. Back pain - not fun!!
xo Catherine