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Saturday, 20 September 2014

Terrible Twos???? No!

Well another birthday happened this past week.  Our only grandson turned two...but definitely not the terrible two's, no, no, never!  He is my little sweetheart, with a smile that can warm anyone's heart.
He is surrounded by girls.  He has two older sisters and a baby sister but he is all boy.  He is the one that loves wheels that turn, big trucks that make loud sounds, rough play and being independent.
He's quite okay with his sisters.  I think he missed his big sisters when they were visiting us for the summer.  He loves to play with them and be a part of the group especially if they are going to go for a ride in the car from Uncle Stephen.
So now the problem is how do we get him away from the "sister" police so that we can have some time with him????  And then there is another problem....
Oh well, we will keep working on the issue because I think it would be quite fun to get to know our little "tank."

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