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Saturday, 18 October 2014


Well here we are in the middle of October already.  Time certainly is flying by.  The leaves are quickly falling.  The days are getting shorter and colder.  So what has been going on here?

Ron thankfully recovered from the pulled muscle in his back and is back to work.  It was very scary watching him in that much pain and it is good to see him back to normal (well, as normal as he ever gets.)

Last weekend I did the big Thanksgiving baking.  I started the pumpkin pie from scratch. 

It has been awhile since I have done it this way but the end result was well worth the extra time and effort. We had Thanksgiving dinner here with the boys and it was nice that a girlfriend and a wife came to visit so there were "girls" to chat with which meant more than cop talk all night.  And to make it more fun we hosted a dessert night one night and then the dinner the next night.
And my boys here once again made my day by bringing flowers.  
And that is why I keep feeding them!
There have been some great northern lights to enjoy for late night entertainment.
And I have been teaching a fair amount of time.  I even taught two periods of Cree...okay maybe I just wrote the words on the board and hoped that there weren't any questions.
It is interesting getting to know the kids and being out of the house a little more.  The other day Ron and I were walking and one of the little guys went by on his bike and said, "Hi, Mrs. Clark." which made both Ron and I laugh because they knew me and not him.

And I am not above bribing the kids to be good....cake, cookies....whatever it takes.

As for our posting for next news.  It is still a waiting game.  Ron has added extra places on his "wish list."  We will keep you posted when we know.


LMWIEBE said...

Never made a pumpkin pie from scratch, looks delish, Mrs. Clark 😉. Looks like you are occupying your time, even teaching.........good for you! Love keeping in touch with your blog, take care!

LMWIEBE said...

Oh, and glad to hear Ron's back is healing. Lenny hurt his in August and it concerned me too, we don't bounce back like we used too.