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Monday, 20 October 2014

New Beginnings

I have always been excited about new things.  I once preached on this and gave the illustration of how I love getting a new calendar and looking at the monthly pictures and seeing all the pages so nice and clean.  When I was taking school courses it was exciting getting new books and getting ready to start learning. 

Then the calendar gets filled up and messed up.  Schedules are changed and scratched off.  The text books gets underlined (oh yes, Catherine I underline and highlight in my books...are you still my friend?)  Those new things brought work and sometimes frustration.  In the end, the courses were completed and it brought a lot of satisfaction.  The calendar included some great scheduled events...holidays, birthdays, anniversaries and just special times together.  The process seems to be:
  • New things - excitement
  • Process - frustration
  • Completion - satisfaction
Well today my daughter has a new beginning....she is back to college! 
I am so excited for her.  I know that this morning she was excited and nervous but she was ready to go.  I know that it will not be easy because having a family of four young children take up a lot of time but I am happy that she has the determination and drive to work hard to succeed.  One day at a time will get her to the goal of completion. 

Way to go Jenn!

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