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Thursday, 23 October 2014

Just An Old Sweater

There are many reasons that I love my husband but one of the biggest his is gentleness and compassion for those going through a hard time.  I think that is what made him such a great pastor and now, a good police officer.  Many times his "clients" will shake his hand after being released and thank him for treating them with respect.

Yesterday was one of those days that made me so proud of him all over again.  He called me and asked if I still has his blue sweater.  It was an old sweater that he has had a long time and refused to replace.  Recently the zipper was giving him trouble and so he had put it aside reluctantly.  Yes, I had the sweater and he came home to get it.  One of his clients had been to court and was told to leave the community.  Ron gave him a drive out of the village, gave him a sweater and bought him supper.  I don't know the details regarding this individual but I do know that Ron went the extra mile.  

And that is why I proudly wear this shirt.  He was my hero long before he was a police officer.

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