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Tuesday, 19 January 2016


Life sometimes seems to be all about waiting.  Sometimes it can be exciting like waiting 25 days until a cruise or 2 more sleeps until we go to our boy's house.
Waiting can also be more of dread or even fear, like waiting for results of a medical exam or for me, a procedure that is scheduled in March.

And waiting can be ....well a feeling of uncertainty.  That is how I am feeling right now.  I went for a job interview last week.  The job sounded like a great fit for my strengths.  On one hand I would love to have the call and say that I got the job.  It would mean:  working again, making money and overcoming that feeling that I quit my last job to stay at home.  The other side of me says that I don't really mind staying at home.  I enjoy having the days off with Ron and not working 40 plus hours and then coming home to try and keep house, make meals and do the laundry.
My office in Swift Current

So either way I guess the news will be okay to me.  I wouldn't mind sitting at a desk again and feeling professional.

Getting a paycheque would definitely be a bonus.  (Ron doesn't pay me too well to cook and clean.)

But, if the position should go to someone else then I will be busy planning motorcycle trips all summer long on Ron's days off.

To be continued....

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